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Rebecca Scaife


Weight Lost - 63lbs

My name is Rebecca and I’m from Stillorgan. Over the last few years my weight crept up and up and I reached my heaviest last summer. I’ve always been quite body confident and my weight has never bothered me hugely, but I’ve also always had it in the back of my mind that I must get around to losing the excess weight.

In hindsight, this little niggle took up way more head space than it needed to and now that it’s ticked off the list I can get on with enjoying my life! I love to travel, I love clothes and dressmaking and I love to socialise with my family and friends - all of these things are so much easier and more enjoyable now that I’m a sensible and healthy weight! .

Myself and my mum joined Bodyslims in September 2017. A few of our neighbours had lost weight on the programme and our friend Ann’s transformation was so amazing that we decided we had to give it a go. On the first night, while we waited for Gerard to start his talk, we chatted about what to expect. We agreed to keep an open mind, we didn’t care what Gerard said or what we thought of the process, we’d seen the results and if that’s what we could have too we were willing to trust him 100% for the ten weeks.

The ten weeks turned out to be really enjoyable and flew by. I wouldn’t say that the weight sheeted off me (it does for some people) but I lost weight consistently every single week. By Christmas I’d lost almost two stone and felt fantastic. I had so much energy, mentally and physically. Others will agree with this, the physical change was the smallest, the mental change was the most notable. I had an incredible Christmas, I did loads instead of sitting in front of the TV. I didn’t go bananas on the food and booze - I indulged somewhat but not to the point where I became upset or disgusted at myself as I would have done before. Who was this new person?!

I’ve done two more Bodyslims programmes since and I’ve lost almost 4.5 stone. My body shape change is remarkable, I didn’t even have this shape as a teenager - who knew a bit of walking could do so much! I’ve a little more weight to lose and I’m excited to return to Bodyslims in September to round off a great year. My husband also joined Bodyslims and lost weight on the programme - as a family we’ve learnt to live a more healthy and happy lifestyle and we’re setting a much better example for our daughter than we were before. Anyone thinking about joining, please just do it. There’s no bull or sugar coating with Bodyslims but equally there’s no embarrassment or judgement either. I’ve only ever felt supported by the team and the other members of the group.

If you’re shy don’t worry, weigh in is private and takes two minutes, then it’s over. You can blend into the background and still get the same amazing results. Bodyslims is so different to anything I’ve ever done before. The walking is like an hour of active mindfulness every day, it really makes you think, appreciate everything you have and makes you live in the moment. Every week there isn’t the endless chat about food and depriving yourself, the programme is totally focused on the positive. Forget everything you think you know about diet and exercise, keep an open mind and enjoy the process.

Thanks so much to the Bodyslims team! We’ve been through sun, rain, snow and a hurricane together - you guys are always there to support and are always smiling. I’m delighted to be so close to my dream weight but I’ll miss you all when I’m there! Rebecca xxx

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