Robbie Shortall

Dublin, Ireland

Weight Lost - 112lbs

Hi Ger, Sharon, Carla & all the team,

I've been threatening to write an email for months now, I've only ever shared details with my wife before but given a couple of notable things over the last couple of weeks, she gave me the kick up the backside I needed to get over myself and just send it. I've taken a huge amount of inspiration from other people sharing their progress on testimonials and social media so hopefully this can do the same for someone.

The most recent notable event was a couple of days ago, the anniversary of my decision to join bodyslims which I can truthfully say has been one of the most impactful life decisions I've ever made. It came off the back of a chat with my aunt/godmother who was going through the new diet challenge at the time, I did some research and signed up. Sandie - if you happen to read this, thank you so much (And she still looks incredible by the way).

Second thing to happen is that I blew past my original dare to dream weight. When I started my first program in January, I was at my heaviest ever and the journey almost seemed impossible. I listened to Ger and set a lofty goal of getting back to double digit kilos, even though I genuinely believed it was a wish more than an attainable goal. Anyway, fast forward 10 months, multiple trips away, big days out and a 50kg loss, I finally got there on Oct 25th. There's a pic of me holding just over the 50kg I'd lost to that point, and believe me, behind that split second attempt at a smile was a lot of puffing and panting trying to hold that much weight. One day or one step at a time and having Ger in my ear was all it took.

Third major thing to happen was my daughter's first day in a white dress. It was a very belated christening (she's 7, and we're blaming covid for the delays, ha!). For me, doing something about my weight before it bit me hard and being around to walk her down the aisle in future was one of the biggest reasons for me wanting to lose the weight in the first place. It's probably why the seminars where Ger talks about own daughter as his why and the illness express are my favourites as they hit so close to home.

As much as I'm a sceptic, these few weeks coming together have felt like faith. I'm still on the road to get where I want to be, I've now reset my ultimate goal weight twice (hoping to hit the 2nd goal by the end of this program) but my ultimate goal is really just wherever slim is so I'm hoping to get close before Christmas and then finish strong in Jan/Feb.

For anyone on the fence, genuinely just sign up, it could be the best decision you make for yourself. For anyone who's already on the program and debating whether to do another program or go it alone, I found I got more from the program on the 2nd go around and even more again currently going through the 3rd round.

Anyway, for someone who didn't want to write this at all, I've waffled on an awful lot. I could continue on for pages more but I better stop here.

Best of luck to everyone finishing out the program strong, continue showing up for yourself.

Unedited me,

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