Oonagh Keogh


Weight Lost - 29 lbs

Hello again Gerard, Sharon and the Bodyslims team! Having previously shown you my progress just 8 weeks into the programme (on the April - July ‘22 programme, when I had lost 16.8lbs)

I signed up again this January and I have now lost a total of 29lbs.
I’m in my 50s and am now at a weight I haven’t been since I was in my 20s!
I have gone down 2 dress sizes and feel so much better, healthier and more positive in every aspect of life.

If someone asked me what the secret of Bodyslims was, I’d say for me the biggest takeaway on this programme is that it shows you that it’s not about the weight.
The weight is a symptom and until you get to the root of the problem that has caused the weight it will keep coming back. Gerard’s seminars (and when you repeat the programme the extra team talks) filled with just the right mix of tough love and humour, are the key to discovering for yourself your own subconscious reasons for self sabotage, not just in weight but in life in general and when you acknowledge that it’s a game changer.
I’m not one for jumping on a bandwagon or for recruiting people usually but I’ve recommended Bodyslims to so many friends who have signed up and would urge anyone who is thinking of joining to do so because the simple truth is…
this works! 💪🏻

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29 lbs