Laura Cullen

Dublin, Ireland

Weight Lost - 35lbs

Hi Ger, Sharon and all the team,

I’m finally getting to write this story. I was definitely on the slow train, I started in 2020 extremely overweight and practically immobile.

I had gone through a very difficult period where I lost both my parents within 5 months and I could hardly walk with the pain in my legs.

I had as always turned to food for comfort and was at an all time highest weight of over 14 stone.

I had heard about BodySlims through a friend and decided to join the January program.
I was doing well but the pain was getting worse and could hardly walk around my kitchen let alone go out and walk for an hour

Anyway after scans they discovered it was my hip. I had a hip replacement in mid February and when I came home and stood on the scales I was up all the weight I had lost.

I foolishly let it derail me and told myself it wasn’t the right time ( shitty story)
Well it took me to January this year 23 to get my head in the right place to start again.
I’ve now completed 2 cycles of BodySlims and I couldn’t be happier.
I’m a few pounds off my dare to dream weight and I feel absolutely amazing.
I would say to anyone who wants to lose weight, just join up and trust the process.
If you follow the program and do what you’re told to do when you’re told to do it, you will succeed and give yourself the greatest gift of a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Thank you Ger for creating such an amazing program, there is nothing out there that comes even close.
All my love and thanks
Laura Cullen

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