Carla Piera Fitzgerald

Weight Lost - 183 lbs

I cannot believe it, but I've actually done it. I've reached my goal weight (over half my original bodyweight)!! I've lost 178lbs (12 stone 9 lbs) in 13 months and successfully maintained that weight for the last 3 weeks. I don't even know where to begin to say thank you to you for being my roadmap to weight loss.

I have been overweight or obese my entire life. I don't consciously remember any time where I didn't believe that I needed to lose weight. But it seemed impossible; I've tried every single diet plan, but none of them stuck, I'd lose 20 or 30 or even in one case 90lbs, but I would just put it back on again and then some.

In BodySlims Ger talks about being super bad, and how rarely people allow themselves to go there. But that was me. I was a full blown food addict, constantly looking for my next fix to numb out the feelings going on inside me. But after some work on myself and therapy, I realised that this body I created was a barrier between myself and the world, and I was ready to take down that wall.

I made a decision to try BodySlims in January 2020. I can honestly say, it is one of the top two most impactful decisions I've ever made in my life (the other was when a tall French man asked me for a glass of wine!).

I don't have enough time to sit here and tell you all the ways that BodySlims is different from all the other diet programmes, because it's not really a diet programme, it's a way of life, focusing on what you gain rather than what you give up. What I love about it the most is how it focuses on your mind, your decision making around food and it empowers you to show up for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I can't even think about what my life would be like now if I didn't make that decision to sign up to BodySlims in January 2020, it doesn't even bear thinking about, because what I have gained is a life beyond my wildest dreams. I didn't realise how difficult my life was, until it wasn't difficult anymore. Simple tasks like being able to shop for clothes, walk, turn in the bed, get out of a bath, crossing my legs, keep up with a friend on a walk (and now overtake them), stand for long periods of time, run up the stairs, I don't even realise I'm doing them anymore. My body is no longer an enemy that I have to carry around, and I treat it with the love, care and support it deserves. But even more than the physical, BodySlims has helped change my outlook on life, I'm so much more confident, outgoing, empathetic, open to new possibilities than I ever was while I was in my fat suit prison.

Last year I wrote in at my 300th day of weight loss, after losing 144lbs. I decided that that was what "good" looked like for me. But seeing as I had been at "super bad", I decided to go to the entire other end of the spectrum, dare to dream and go for my "great". I wanted to lose HALF my original bodyweight (hence my instagram handle @halfofcarla)

When I started this journey 13 months ago I weighed 323.2lbs (23.2 stone). Today I'm maintaining around 146LBS (10.5 stone) over half my entire body weight. I've gone from a size 24/26 to a comfortable size 10. I cannot tell you what it means to me to see 10 stone on the scale, never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe I would, until BodySlims helped me to stop believing I couldn't.

It's actually really hard to comprehend what that amount of weight looks like, and when Gerard asked us to weigh out our losses in shopping bags, I didn't think I had enough. So I had to get creative -
I've lost the same as 16 x 5litre bottles of water
I've lost the exact weight of that 6ft 5 French man who asked me for a glass of wine.
The reason I'm sending this in is because I want anyone who was like me at the start to know that it can be done. It's not easy, but it's simple. If you do what Ger tells you and just give it a go for the first 10 weeks, the results will speak for themselves. I've documented my entire journey, from day one on my instagram (@halfofcarla) so you can see what it's like. But please know, if you want it, you can have it!!

So, I just wanted to say thank you again, to the entire team for creating the best weight loss programme in the entire world. You've helped to change my life forever.

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183 lbs

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