Eiranne Hannan

Galway ireland

Weight Lost - 92.5 lbs

I started my journey in September 2022, I was at my lowest, my weight was sky rocketing and my health was seriously deteriorating, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre diabetes and a very troublesome gall bladder.

Having suffered for years unbeknown to myself with peri menopause I had stared my HRT and was feeling a little more level and able to tackle 'myself'.

I started back to all the usual programmes been there done that and I just couldn't get my head in it.

So my friend was saying she was signed up for Bodyslims, I'd never heard of it but her friend had done wonderful on it and she was excited.

if I'm honest I just jumped in not knowing fully what you were or how it worked I was just so desperate, initially it was booked out but got a cancellation 2 days before it began, I think if I'd known about the walking I'd have chickened out , that's not me I'm not a walker,, or so I thought..

So during that 1st programme Ger got in my head he had me laughing and crying sometimes in the same sentence, the illness express was certainly featuring in my life.
Then one night, he said 'You're a Walker' it's crazy but I cried it was like he knew, knew what I needed to hear I'm emotional now even just writing that.

So on I went and lost 37lbs that 1st round and got fitter then I'd been in 20 years, during the break I got my gall bladder out I had complications but I wasn't going to let it derail me, on I went to the 2nd round and lost another 34lbs, at the end of this round I got my bloods done, my GP was speechless when he saw me he couldn't believe the transformation , he said I'd sorted my cholesterol my diabetes numbers were completely reversed and after wearing the Blood pressure monitor for 24 hrs he was delighted to sign me off the meds for that as well.

I had a decision to make, here is where I could have stopped, I was healthy happy, technically overweight, but I was normal, 'good'
But as Ger says the biggest barrier to Great,, is good, I thought what if I went for it, went for Great!

I had this dream I Dared to dream to be a size 10 to be 10 stone , 10 out of 10 if you will, so with that I was signed up again, this was it.

I must say it was tough going the last round, I'm so thankful for my husband and kids who were always there with words from Ger, (weather I wanted them or not ) 'you can have it all just not right now ' my greatest cheerleaders.

so with losing another 21lbs I arrived, it's hard to describe this feeling , this feeling of not being the big girl, of not hiding behind my size and letting everyone disregard me.
I'm simply GREAT !

Thank you Bodyslims for all you've done and creating a programme that is head shoulders above anything out there , I've done all the major ones 'many times' they don't come close .

Here's to the rest of my life at a size and shape I'd only ever dreamed of,
thank you.

Eiranne Hannan

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92.5 lbs


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