Mary Kate Butler Young

Wicklow, Ireland

Weight Lost - 48lbs

Mary Kate Butler Young
Greystones, Co. Wicklow.
Weight lost 48lbs
2 courses (April and September)

If you want to do 1 small thing for yourself! Do this! If you aren’t sure, do this!
This was the first ever time I prioritised myself & my health. I had some serious mum guilt taking 1 hour a day out for myself! Best thing I’ve ever done for myself and now for my family. 

I really thought the first picture was just how it was after 3 kids, an under-active thyroid and battling M.E for a very long time. I thought I was beyond help.

I had heard super things through my cousin who also has a thyroid problem and she was smashing it with BodySlims. I had my moment where I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror and I thought - if she can do it why can’t I!? If not now then when?

It’s really not hard. Do exactly what you are told to do by Ger to the letter and if you do you will go far. I can honestly say my day is not my day without my walk. BodySlims is always on my mind. Does this micro decision bring me closer to my goal!? I feel clearer of mind, I’m lighter emotionally and for me I even have some more energy!

Im am at my dare to dream weight - a weight I never thought I’d see again. I am so very glad I did more than 1 course. I thought I was at great after course 1 and soon realised the last stone or more is where ‘great’ really was.

Thank you isn’t enough! You have given me my life back Ger and all the BodySlims team. I really felt like I had a coach with me all the way. He has a very special way about him, I often burst out laughing watching the seminar videos.

I am a much happier person. My family can all see how I've got my sparkle back. 

Weight loss programme with a holistic view.

B Book to begin
O One step and one day at a time
D Daily walks and Dare to dream.
Y You can do this for yourself
S Scales. Always weigh your food, the scales in the bathroom will follow.
L life - the feeling you will feel is life changing.
I It is not easy but it is simple
M Be a Mary not a Martha.
S Smaller clothes."  

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