Ally Kelly

Ballybrack Project Manager

Weight Lost - 70 lbs

I joined Bodyslims in January 2017 based upon results I’d seen from people in work and mutual friends. To be honest I didn’t have much hope for myself as I’d always struggled with weight loss and sticking to a certain plan.

Within two weeks on Body Slims I was hooked and to my surprise I was enjoying myself. I’d seen some results that people had achieved and not once did I imagine I could do the same.

By the end of my ten weeks I was down nearly three stone and I had signed up for another ten weeks beginning in April. Here I am now in July and I am officially down just over five stone! It’s not rocket science you just have to listen Ger and the team and do exactly what they say and you can’t go wrong – that’s what I done and look at me now. This may sound cheesy but at the start this was a diet and now it’s just my way of life! The whole team are amazing people – So supportive, helpful and encouraging.

The team are key to the success of the members of the group as their support and encouragement gives people the hope and motivation that you lack when struggling with weight loss. I could not recommend Body Slims enough to people – it has completely changed my attitude and my way of thinking. This programme has taught me how to eat well, keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle while still being able to ‘live a little’. Several people have asked where I got my willpower from and to be honest it came from seeing the results I was getting. Now what I say is the taste of a takeaway or a treat will never outweigh the feeling of putting on jeans that are two sizes too big and basically needing a whole new wardrobe!

For anyone struggling to lose weight this programme works wonders – not only for me but for many others before me and I’m sure will continue to work for many more after me. Kind regards Ally.

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70 lbs

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