Karen Armstrong

Dublin Ireland

Weight Lost - 79.4 lbs

What a phenomenal year it's been! When my friend recommended Bodyslims and told me that I could lose as much as 28lbs in 10 weeks - my Super Ego was so damaged that I didn't believe it.

One year and a bit on I am 81lbs down with perfect blood tests and living a life beyond my wildest dreams.

I did this over four courses (three because I didn't engage in the second one & put up 10lbs). A year in which I lost my oldest friend of 40 years, but reconnected with school friends at his funeral.

My enthusiasm for Bodyslims resulted in me "persuading" seven friends into doing it, they in turn "persuaded" their friends and family with life changing results for all of us. One friend in particular and I have lost over 10 stone just between the two of us - more than I weigh now, imagine that, an entire person. During this year I completed my training to become a family celebrant and had the honour of being asked to marry two fabulous friends of mine (the bride did Bodyslims too) in France. There was no WAY that I was going to stand in that cathedral looking anything other than fabulous, for me and for my friends, and as I look at the photos I see more than the physical transformation. Bodyslims is transformative in so many ways, as Ger constantly says, the first thing you lose is the monkey off your back. It's about more than weight loss, it's that feeling, the confidence, joy, health, happiness, fitness and love of colour is something I never thought I'd have again. No more hiding in shapeless black and grey oversized clothes. This is me now at my FIRST dare to dream goal of 138lbs with a BMI of 25. I am now medically classed as a"normal" weight. I'm 14lbs lighter than I was on my wedding day - 21 years ago this year. I've reset my final goal for 5lbs lower, taking me to 133lbs and a BMI of 23, nicely in the middle of the recommended 18-25 range. For me to be classed as "normal" weight is important. It's been a tough year, a great year, and a year of reflection. Where would I be if I hadn't taken that leap? On the illness express for sure and even more lost and sad than I look in the first photo.

Thanks to Ger and the Bodyslims team, Tara in particular who has been incredibly supportive. To Carla @halfofcarla for pre-paving the way for so many of us with her wise words and incredible fashion tips. To everyone starting, continuing or maintaining but especially to those who haven't made the leap, just jump you have everything to gain that isn't more weight. And if anyone out there needs a fabulous family celebrant please follow me on @armstrongcelebrancy on Instagram. Thank you.
Best of luck everyone,

Much love to you all
Karen Armstrong

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79.4 lbs


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