Helen McLeane

Social Worker

Weight Lost - 77.8 lbs

Dear Gerard, Sharon, Sean, Tara, Oran and all the team at BodySlims.

It’s now 2 weeks since I finished the second course and this wonderful journey continues. With you help I’m now 77.8lbs down from my starting weight of 220lbs . I’m 2.2lbs away from my ‘dare to dream’ goal of 10 stone and I just don’t know how I can ever thank you all enough. This has been totally life changing for me. The benefits have been so much more than just weight loss. I have sheer joy, inner happiness and a real sense of achievement. I have fewer aches and pains.  I even have a little, never before seen, definition in my arms 😂🤣 Thanks Sean 😘🤣 Just last weekend I put the new medium sized wetsuit to good use achieving my level two kayaking cert. (A far cry from the day when I was totally humiliated in a shop because I couldn’t find a wetsuit to fit me ) I was able to physically do all the kayaking training exercises ( which I’d have never managed 6 months ago.) so now I can take part in the kayaking club activities. That’s just one small example of how you have helped me open up new possibilities and adventures in my life. This has been a totally emotional journey to a place where I now have tears of real joy at how far I’ve come. People are genuinely shocked when the see me. Even I’m shocked when I catch my reflection in the mirror 🤣.  I don’t recognise myself physically or mentally and in a brilliant way. The skills Gerard taught me have been totally transferable to other parts of my life,  with more surprises ahead of me I’m sure. I even used the visualisations to help me stay calm and practice rolling the kayak 🤣😂 I’m discovering the possibilities are endless. I’ll be back in September to continue my journey and master the maintenance skills I need. Till then I just want to say Thank you, thank you, Thank you. You’ve changed my life in more ways than I could have ever dreamed and I’m so very grateful to you all.

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77.8 lbs

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