Derek Bowden

Weight Lost - 62 lbs

Hi there, my name is Derek, originally from Kildare but now living in New York for the last 28 years. Due to work and laziness I suppose, my weight  just went up and up and before I knew it, I lost control and I could not see a way back. I had Type 2 diabetes and was on a pill for all the usual suspects, cholesterol and blood pressure. I wore this taking of the pills, like it was a badge of honor and never minded, because if something was wrong you could just get a tablet for it. Then a  guardian angel told me about this fella, Gerard Moran and a programme of his,(guardian angel being my sister in law, Joan Casey a Bodyslims veteran).
I signed up for the Sept 11, 2019 course and decided that I was going to leave my dignity and all excuses in the closet for 10 weeks and give it a go. All Joan told me to do was listen to Gerard and do what he says. I have to say, the first time I heard this Gerard fella, I didn’t know what to think, but certain things he said just stuck in my head and stayed there. The first week was tough, I’m not going to lie. You will feel pain, exhaustion and of course the inevitable  ‘what am I doing this for?’. The only answer I can give you there is, that you are doing this for YOURSELF, 100% every day and believe me as the days went by and the walks became more enjoyable , faster and milestones hit, the pounds started to fall off me and now 2 courses in I have lost a total of 62lbs. GOOD , GREAT and BRILLIANT all rolled into one. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could lose all this weight, by walking an hour every day and eating healthy, in just 6 months.
 BodySlims gave me my life back. I’m now back to prediabetes  and all other medications are gone. This programme is not only for weight loss but more importantly the mental attitude and mental well-being you get from BodySlims is second to none. If you are reading this then I’m presuming you are where I have been and let me tell you, SIGN  UP NOW. My journey was a roller coaster of emotions for me, from pain to exhilarating. I have found a love for walking and I mean real walking. I’ve always used my legs to get from A to B but, that was not walking. BodySlims taught me how to walk again and I don’t think I have missed 10 days in total since Sept 11, 2019.
One of the best days was when I did my Big Walk on the first course. I walk around a beautiful State park in Yonkers,  It was a bitter cold Friday evening and before I finished my hour I called my wife and told her I was going to do 2 hours, “don’t put on the stir fry yet”.  8.17 miles later and 2 hours in I could see my wife and kids with a little finish line for me. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had and that is what BodySlims is all about for me. It gives you back your confidence, your sense of well being and it gives you the tools to go and do whatever you want both physically and mentally.
 I would like to thank my beautiful wife and my two wonderful girls for always being there for me through ‘big and slim’. Thanks also to Joan Casey, my guardian angel and inspiration. Thank you Gerard, Sharon, Tara and Oran for making us onliners feel as if you were there beside us, every step of the way, shin splints and all. You cannot believe how good it feels to get those words of encouragement from your coach after weigh in day.
BodySlims  is one journey that you will never regret or forget. Just listen and do what Gerard tells you to do, and you will be on the express train to the rest of your happy  and healthy life.
Regards, Derek


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62 lbs

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