Sonia Maunders

Nenagh Co Tipperary

Weight Lost - 84lbs

Ger,Sharon and all the BS team.

I will be forever grateful to you all. I have lost 84 lbs and still on my weight loss journey. I have completed 4 rounds of BS. I am a busy mum to three kids ,nurse and wife. I needed to do something to change.

My weight was impacting my mental health and my overall general health. I was overweight because I made poor diet choices and didn't exercise I didn't live a healthy lifestyle.I had not made time for myself and I was putting everyone else in front of me.I found this program and after talking to Carla. She said to me "invest in yourself, you won't regret it". When she said those words, I instantly joined the program. Don't get me wrong I was so scared I would fail and didn’t want to be that person that did. I had tried all the other diets and programs.I was on the fence thinking to myself how can this program help you lose this large quantity of weight. I trusted the process and surrendered to the program and it worked.

This was the first ever time I prioritised myself. It is not a difficult program to do, Ger is a man who is honest, direct and  unapologetically himself  and that is exactly what you need to take accountability for you and your actions. You need that kick up the arse ! Bodyslims principles are always on my mind. Will this get me to where I want to be? Every decision has a consequence. I am now so mindful of that. I went from a size 20 to now a size 10. To anyone considering trying this program. I would say gift yourself. It is the gift that is priceless, but only if you surrender to it and trust the process.

This program has changed my life and given me the inspiration to create my own weightloss journal to help myself and others. Sign up and more importantly show up for yourself every day. Do what Ger says to do when he says to do and you will not go wrong!

Lots of love and gratitude to you Ger & Sharon

Sonia Maunders

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