Cathriona Duffy

Skerries Dublin

Weight Lost - 29lbs

Looking at my progress pics I think my face says it all.... to say I was profoundly unhappy with my shape at the beginning of my 10 week life changing bodyslims journey doesn't cut most folks I had the crappy stories I told myself that got me into the size I was at the beginning- I was fooling no-one but myself.
Like many others I too had tried different programs and just didn't seem to follow through. So what was different this time? I hear you ask ....the bodyslims secret sauce ...for me it was the talks, the support and the head stuff, it came precisely when it was needed.
My advice is listen, listen, listen, do exactly what you're told when the advice is given. I lost 29.8lbs in 10 weeks 15% of my start weight and dropped from dress size 14 -16 to 10-12 and I am beyond thrilled it was a journey it wasn't easy the sleet cutting into my face on those dark Winter morning walks was murder, but it was so worth it.

Thank-you doesn't come near the gratitude I have for Ger and all the bodyslims team I found myself again, I am the shape I dreamed to be again and most importantly I am healthier and full of energy!
Cathriona Duffy

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