Success Stories

Maeve Davidson

Parish Pastoral Worker

Weight Lost - 112lbs

I'm Maeve Davidson, I live in Dundrum. I work as a Parish Pastoral Worker;Total weight loss is 8 stone; Sizes dropped from size 22-24 to size 12-14. I came home from holidays in the middle of July 2016 and I weighed 18 st. 11lbs.  I didn't feel healthy and decided I had to do something about my weight.   I tried to lose weight on my own with very little success - I lost 4 lbs between July and September. 

On 20 September 2016, I joined BodySlims, weighing 18 st. 7 lbs and by Christmas, I had lost 4 stones - I weighed 14 st. 7 lbs on Christmas Eve. 

I am now down to my target weight, 10 st. 7lbs, the weight I was when I got married 35 years ago.  I feel like I have won the Lotto a few times over. 

BodySlims, Gerard and the Team were fantastic, helping me to change the way I think about myself, about food and to change the habits that led to weight gain over the years.  My biggest bogie was grazing and not eating the right food for a healthy lifestyle.  BodySlims has become my health plan.  Having come through a full year, including a wedding, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, family celebrations, funeral lunches, dinners out with friends and this year's holiday -two and a half weeks full board in a hotel in Italy, including desserts, wine, aperitifs and of course lovely Italian ice-cream (a little of everything) I can say that BodySlims really works for me. 

I gained 3 lbs on holidays this year and using the skills and the confidence I received from BodySlims, lost them again within a week.  And I got the best tan ever this year from walking for an hour every day on the beach instead of just lying on a sunbed.  Thank you BodySlims, to Gerard, Sharon and the entire Team.  You have been amazing and I will always be grateful,  Maeve xxx.

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