Success Stories

Kieran Carrick

CEO of CLOUT Partners Ltd

Weight Lost - 59.2lbs

I'm Kieran Carrick of Foxrock, CEO of CLOUT Partners Ltd my weight lost  59.2 lbs (4 stone 3lb's) in ten weeks sizes dropped  6. I have tried many times over many years to lose weight and get healthy. I learned all about nutrition and the science and psychology but was never able to sustain the effort long enough to make a significant difference and I began to rely on food as an antidote for stress.

Bodyslims helped me lose over 4 stone (16% of my body weight) in less than 10 weeks and transform my life. I am now lighter and fitter than I have been in decades and feel so much better about myself. 

I actually feel I was slowly killing myself and the programme has saved my life. I still have some weight to lose but now I know its possible and how to approach it thanks to Gerard Moran and the amazing Bodyslims team. There's no secret sauce (in fact sauces are a no no) but the programme works on three important things 1. developing a new understanding and approach to food and an awareness of calorie intake  2. ensuring you get the level of exercise our bodies were designed to have and 3. strengthening the super ego so that you get back in control of your life. 
The Bodyslims team are genuinely supportive and friendly, provide amazing coaching and strive to make the whole experience fun for all. It is so much easier to tackle weight loss in a team environment than on your own and The Bodyslims programme is the best team if you are serious about making a transformational change!.

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