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Karen Kelly

School Secretary Citywest

Weight Lost - 70lbs

I joined Bodyslims in September 2018. Curious.

It took me three weeks to lose my first stone and by week nine I had lost my third stone. Panic. The 10 weeks were nearly over, how was I going to keep this weight off. I was going to Portugal for a short trip and Christmas was around the corner. Well I had nothing to worry about. Enter Gerard and his maintenance program. It WORKS. I returned in January with a loss and well on my way to losing my 4th stone

Whats different you may ask.. Gerard encourages you to believe in yourself. His no nonsense attitude empowers you. He has a weight loss program that works all you have to do is work it.

The toughest part of the program for me was the walking. I was so unfit. I'd start each walk with tears in my eyes an an inhaler in each hand. How things have changed. I can't believe I'm admitting this but here goes... My favorite part of the program is the walk .

"Dare to dream",
"The results can't help themselves",
"The weight loss will be the smallest part of this program"
Just three of Gerard's quotes I can identify with. Overnight things changed for me. I was getting dressed one morning and I had no clothes to fit me. It was as if the inches had melted away while I was sleeping. I was shocked to find when I went clothes shopping that I fit into clothes five sizes smaller, a size for each stone I have lost.

My dream is becoming a reality I worked this program and the results couldn't help themselves. Surprisingly the weight loss is a very small part of this journey. Thank you Gerard and all his team for giving me back my life.

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