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Anna Grainger

Houses of the Oireachtas - Local Councillor

Weight Lost - 42lbs

I'm Anna Grainger from Dundrum, and I work for the Houses of the Oireachtas as a Parliamentary Assistant to a Senator. Bodyslims has given me that million dollar feeling that cannot be bought. It’s has recaptured that feeling of a time when I felt I was at my fittest and healthiest. Back then, my main sport was swimming and I was a serious competitive swimmer and loved every second of it.

Training twice a day, once before school and once after school between 3 – 4 hours daily, I felt alive, alert, fit, healthy, challenged and always chasing my next personal best. These were the years that ignited my competitive streak..

From a young age I became acutely aware of how my active lifestyle permitted me to stay involved and to continue to do so much. It was something that was always to the forefront of my mind and I must say, I never thought that I would ever end up having issues concerning my weight, but the fact of the matter was that with the passing of every decade I became acutely aware that not only did my bathroom scales increase by a whopping 14lbs my clothes sizes were also following that upward only trend. Now 14lbs over 10 years is nothing really when you consider it.

A mere 1.4lbs a year, not only did I think that was ok, I thought it was actually pretty good, after all don’t we all gain poundage as the years progress! Until you do the calculation over the decades and guess what, it’s incredible how comfortable you become revisiting your original analogy of 1.4lbs per annum is acceptable. Except it’s not and I knew what direction I was heading if I didn’t take matters into my own hands.

I’m not sure whether it was completely coincidental that turning a new decade made me think of the inevitable expanding waistline I had to look forward to, or whether it was hearing the news that Ireland is racing past all other countries to ensure first prize in becoming the most obese country in the world. Perhaps it was thinking of the abundance of beautiful clothes I had in my wardrobe, waiting to fit into or the fact that I had just been advised by former Olympian swimmer and team member, Gary O’Toole, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, to quit running / jogging because my knees would not tolerate the pounding any longer and advised to go back swimming or was it just that I was quite simply deeply unhappy with myself.

More than likely a combination of all of the above played a part in me taking decisive steps to get on my weight back to a place where I was happy with myself again. I’m an emotional eater and love all things sweet. I turn to the wrong food when I’m upset, for comfort, when I’m happy to celebrate, when I’m bored for something to do, there’s always an excuse. It’s madness what we put ourselves through always trying to fill that ‘hole in the soul’ Gerard Moran aka The Weight Whisperer, aptly named, speaks to your emotions through your mind, whether you want him to or not!

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