female weight loss before and afters

Top Female Weight Loss Before and Afters

Mar 20, 2024, 10:20 AM by Sharon Tinkler

Welcome to the world of BodySlims, where transformation isn't just about shedding pounds; it's a monumental journey brimming with empowerment, resilience, and self-discovery. 

Here, we’re going to meet eight amazing women who overcame some of the hardest obstacles imaginable to become their best selves. And if these women can do it, so can you. You can change everything too, if you just choose to follow in the footsteps of these and hundreds of other success stories today! So, let's jump into the awe-inspiring stories of women who dared to dream and found their path to greatness with the revolutionary BodySlims programme…

Melanie Comtois: A Tale of Resilience and Triumph

First up,  Melanie Comtois and her 80lb before and after!

Now, Melanie's journey wasn’t easy. Starting with significant health challenges, including diabetes and high blood pressure, Melanie initially struggled to walk for a full hour on her first attempt, only reaching 600 metres at the most. Overcoming limiting beliefs, she gradually increased her walking routine, facing the fear of injury head-on. Her perseverance led to an exceptional 82-pound weight loss by the end of her second programme, accompanied by the ability to walk one hour daily. 

Melanie’s success tells us that starting small is perfectly acceptable and also the easiest part of your journey. It’s the commitment and the determination you have to wholeheartedly take on that is the hard part and what will get you there in the end. So, if you’re thinking you’re too far gone to be able to do what’s required of you from Day 1, you’re not. 

We encourage you to be like Melanie and seize the power of the day. Take it one day at a time with us, and you will change your whole life! 


Karen Bowman: Redefining Happiness and Health

Karen Bowman is bursting with happiness with her 80lb before and after and her achievement of a normal BMI for the first time since high school!

Karen expresses gratitude to Ger, Sharon, Carla, the dedicated BodySlims team, and the supportive community of 80 friends who are doing the programme with her. 

And, this is one of the best things about BodySlims and what makes our programme different: you are never alone; you become a part of a community of hundreds of men and women all looking to transform their lives the same as you. So be inspired by Karen’s joy, gratitude and sense of accomplishment as she tells you she: “could not be happier, and Ger is right in that it feels brilliant, and every day I get my present!” 

Eiranne Hannan: Defying Odds, Embracing Greatness 

Now, take a look at Eiranne Hannan from Galway and her exceptional 90lb before and after!

Starting in September 2022 at her lowest point, Eiranne bravely embraced the BodySlims programme and shed an impressive 37lbs in the first round, getting fitter than she had been in 20 years. She then went on to lose an additional 34lbs in her second round. It was on her third try that she got to her goal weight.  But she didn’t just achieve this striking transformation; her GP, astounded by the reversal of cholesterol and diabetes numbers, happily removed her from blood pressure medications. 

Eiranne chose not to settle for "good," and neither should you! She now revels in a newfound sense of greatness and self-confidence because she dared to dream of being a size 10 and 10 stone, and she got there.  

So, what size do you want to get to? What health problems do you want to overcome? Like Eiranne, it may take you more than one attempt, but commit with us and watch how extraordinary you can become today!

Orla Maher: Embracing Change, Igniting Confidence

Here, we have Órla Maher and 50lb before and after. 

Orla discovered a lifeline in the BodySlims programme, dropping four dress sizes and attaining a new lease of life. Like Karen Bowman above, she was supported by a village of encouragement, including friends, family, and fellow BodySlimmers. 

Her advice to potential joiners: "If I can do it, then anyone can do it."  And to do it, to truly change your life, you have to change your mindset and the bad behavioural patterns that got you to the weight you are. BodySlims is not like other weight loss plans that you’ve tried; you can get up on your own pedestal with us just like Orla did. She won her internal battle, but can you? 

Karen Armstrong: A Testament to Perseverance

Karen Armstrong’s 80lb before and after is a sight to behold. 

Do you need a solid support group to get you the results you need? Karen did, too. After enduring the loss of her oldest friend, Karen found solace and reconnection with school friends through the support of BodySlims. And her enthusiasm for the programme had a ripple effect, influencing seven friends and their extended circles, leading to life-changing results for all involved. The magnitude of this success is emphasised by Karen and a friend collectively losing over ten stone, a weight surpassing Karen's current body weight! 

We know that being around people who you can’t relate to, who don’t suffer with the same problems as you, can hinder your weight loss journey by leading you astray into unhealthy, unsustainable diet methods. The BodySlims community found in each intake makes you feel comfortable, providing the support and strength you need to become the person we know you are capable of

Karen became incredible, now it’s time for you to become incredible too! 

Fiona O’Brien: A Testament to Perseverance

Fiona O’Brien radiates pride with 70lb Before and After!

Shedding an impressive 72 pounds in just six months across two programmes, Fiona embraced each and every one of the programme's various elements wholeheartedly, resulting in a life-changing adventure. 

The thought that went into every detail of BodySlims shines through this journey. From the length of physical activity to the layout of the weekly seminars and the frequency of the weigh-ins, the programme leaves no stone unturned. So, take the leap and discover the power of the proven BodySlims principles in changing your entire life, not just the ten weeks you are with us

Tracey Byrne: Conquering Challenges, Embracing Freedom

Now, here’s Tracey Byrne and her outstanding 56lb before and after weight loss!

If you feel weighed down by physical limitations, let Tracey’s story inspire and show you how you you’re never restricted with BodySlims. 

Tracey suffered from hip dysplasia and a bad back, resulting in the need for a hip operation, but she overcame these challenges and recently completed a triumphant 10k in 92 minutes. Inspired by Gerard's philosophy of being a "Victor, not Victim," Tracey embraced the low-impact power of walking, which allowed her to trim an amazing 4 stone! 

Nearly everyone who comes to us suffers from physical restrictions as a result of being overweight. But our programme was designed with these considerations in mind. Like Tracey you don’t need to feel scared or discouraged by an hour of exercise a day; we help you get there and empower you to keep going. Remember, if hundreds of people in the same boat as you can do it, what’s stopping you?

Claire Delany: Redefining Possibilities, Embracing Victory 

Last up is Claire Delaney and her astounding 90lb Before and After

Do you often find yourself thinking negatively and being really hard on yourself? Well, so did Claire. But Claire found confidence within our programme, successfully shedding 86 pounds and then moved on to her third programme to aim even higher in September 2022.

Though the weight melting away was a game-changer for Claire, it was the victories beyond the scale where she found her confidence. She overcame size-related shopping challenges, could comfortably fit into an aeroplane seat and play with their kids without restraint. 

So, what do you dream of achieving? Do you want to improve your sleep? Create mindful habits? Reduce your stress? Drop down a belt buckle? It’s all possible with BodySlims. As we like to say, no matter how far astray you’ve gone, you are still on the pitch. And when you're on the pitch you can affect the game. And even when things aren't going your way, you still have a chance because you want to be in the game. 

You Can Change Everything too, if only you Dare to Dream! 

Now, we’ve taken a look at these incredible women’s success, it’s your turn. And you can do this by getting today right and not worrying about tomorrow. We have seen that if you can manage to do it one day, you can do it for your life. 

So, what can you do today? You can take the leap and sign up to our programme, and look forward to the rest of your life! Don't just witness the change; be the change you've always envisioned. Your weight loss story with BodySlims is waiting to be written – are you ready to start the next chapter of your life?

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