Melanie Comtois

Freelance Graphic Designer, Quebec, Canada

Weight Lost - 82lbs

Hi, I would like to say thank you thank you thank you! And maybe tell you my story, hoping to inspire some people along the way!

I finally did my celebration! It is my second program but I didn't do the first program's celebration. I was really not worth it the first time (in my head). I had lost only 43 pounds, I told myself. You see I started at "super bad": Diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, heart palpitations, excessive sweating and above all I was incapable of walking more than a few feet, less than 30 feet.

From the start of the program to 4 weeks in, I only walked 5 minutes every 3 days and thought that I couldn't possibly do more.

After week 4 where Gerald talks about the limiting belief and the breakthrough I recognized myself. I was SO afraid to walk and to fall down, get injured and then quit. I always quited.
So the following night, I went out (it is in February in Montreal, Canada so it's snowing and freezing) but I went out and took walking sticks, the kind you take on trails in mountains. I thought it would keep me from sliding and falling.

That night I walked 600 meters in 20 minutes, with a lot of stops and was completely exhausted and had to lie down. But I was SO proud.

Almost each night I walked a little bit further. At the end of the first program, I had lost 43 pounds, and was walking 30 minutes each day. So when Gerald talked about the 10km at the end, I knew was not ready. But I subscribed right away to a walk organised by firemen, on june 5th to walk 5 km. And I did it, with lots of pictures and a medal and my mom was crying! And I was not too tired to my complete astonishment.

By the end of the 2nd program I have lost 82 pounds and I can now walk 1 hour almost every day and around 3.75km. I still take my walking stick with me, but I plan to let them go soon. Gradually. And I subscribed to a 10km walk in septembre. I should be able to do it by then.

So I finally did the celebration because I think that I'm worth it now. Because all my actions convinced me that I'm doing great! That I'm amazing and I could NOT have done it without bodyslims, and the daily videos and the weekly motivation boosters that are the seminars. I am so grateful to Half of Carla because she's the one who inspired me that it was MAYBE possible!

A few weeks ago, I was called up because it was my turn to get a gastric bypass operation, and I said no thanks, I have confidence that I can do it by myself! THAT is my medal!

Love you Gerald and all of you bodyslimers! Let's inspire the world!

Melanie Comtois
from Montreal Canada xx

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