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Are You Following a Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance Plan?

Mar 12, 2024, 09:20 AM by Sharon Tinkler

Have you tried everything to lose weight? Tried intermittent fasting, juice cleanses, the meat-only diet,  the carb-less diet? And it still isn’t working? Well, the real reason all of these plans have failed you is simple, and BodySlims is here to lay it out for you. 

Why Regular Weight Loss Plans Don’t Work 

There are two main reasons why regular weight loss plans are not getting you the results you want: 

1. They Preach Unsustainable, Unhealthy Weight Loss

Firstly, each of these diets and fasting plans have told you to follow a structure for a certain length of time, and you did it: you lost the 10 pounds you wanted to lose. But what happened as soon as you stopped? The pounds just piled back on, didn’t they? This is because the approach you followed crumbled as soon as you finished the plan. 

These weight loss plans tell you you are doing great on them. But in reality, all these plans do is distract you with short term weight loss, without doing anything to help you solve your underlying weight problems so that you can actually keep the weight off.

So you’ve completed each of them, and what have you learned? You haven’t learned anything other than the mistaken view that, if you commit for a few weeks, you’ll be down to the size you want for good. But that’s not true. The reality is because you haven’t received the support you really need, you just go back to what you had been doing before and end up right back where you were months previous. 

2. Weight Maintenance is Ignored

These unsustainable, unhealthy weight loss programmes are only contributing to the problem by ignoring the real cause. What makes BodySlims different is that we strive to be a part of the solution. The solution is to focus on weight maintenance, which requires you to alter your behaviours by developing new skills and changing the bad habits you've developed.

Think of it this way: if an alcoholic stopped drinking for a week, would they not return to their old ways after the week is over? What could they have learned in that one week to change the way their body and mind craves their addiction? The same is true for weight loss. If you follow a strict weight loss plan for a week, would you not return to your old eating habits? Would you not still say, "I did really well last week, so one biscuit won't hurt."? People end up disempowering themselves with this behaviour. But this is where BodySlims comes in…

Why the BodySlims Weight Loss Programme Swears by the Principles of Weight Maintenance

BodySlims understand that if you practice something enough day by day, you can retain it, and next week, it won’t be as hard. Let us explain this further and how we know weight maintenance is the key to successful and sustainable weight loss.

1. We Recognise Weight Gain as the Symptom of a Bigger Problem 

As mentioned, other weight loss plans believe weight gain is the overarching problem that can be fixed within a strict, short timeline.  But at BodySlims, we recognise that weight gain is, in fact, the symptom of the bigger problem, and just dealing with the immediate weight loss will not solve the core issue. 

The core issue is what drove you to the weight you are and the mindset you are in. So, we take the time and the trouble to understand the root cause. We address the primary underlying driver of your weight gain in the first place, be it fears, insecurities,  how you think, how you feel or how you act. 

2. We Know To Maintain Anything, You Must Change Your Behavioural Patterns

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a result of something you committed to daily; a habitual thing built up over time. Ask yourself, ‘How can I change to be the person I want to be?’ Is the answer continuing the same way you’re going? Is the answer to go back and forth a stone down one month, a stone up the next? No, it’s not. You have to break the cycle, something you can only do by getting out of your bad behavioural pattern and creating new, good habits. 

We recognise that you're not cured after a weight loss programme, and we never say you are after partaking in BodySlims. We spend 10% of the time focusing on weight loss and the other 90% working on getting you to become mindful rather than mindless with your habits. Our programme is only 70 days, but through our CBT techniques, in theory, after you finish, you will be able to go on the same path forever. Why? Because we will have helped you disrupt the weight gain behavioural patterns and embed sustainable, healthy habits. 

3. The Principles of Weight Maintenance are Proven

So, we know that once your new habit is formed, it will be really difficult to go back to where you were. And we know this because, while putting BodySlims together, Gerard did a lot of research with one study in particular standing out to him. 

This study included over 10,000 people who had lost 30 lbs of weight and had actually managed to keep it off for five years. Looking into the results, the first thing the researchers found from this large group was that 98% changed their diet in some way. The next one blew the researchers and us away… 

90% of the people who had successfully maintained their weight loss over this period of time exercised not three times a week but seven days a week. 

How long did they exercise for? One hour a day. 

What was the overriding most popular exercise that these people used? Walking. 

And lastly, 75% of the group also weighed themselves only once a week.

From this, Gerard found that there actually was a formula for weight maintenance, it had been proven, but all the other weight loss plans out there were flat out ignoring it. After asking himself, ‘‘How can we tweak these findings to make it really effective for weight loss?’, Gerard started to apply these proven principles and built a programme that had a real end goal in mind: long-term, maintainable weight loss. 

4. People Actually Walk Away with a Changed Lifestyle, Not Just a Changed Few Weeks 

Our participants’ Success Stories (and there are hundreds of them!) are perfect examples of how BodySlims is a weight loss programme that lets you walk away with a changed lifestyle, not just a changed few weeks. These amazing individuals all broke out of the bad habits that caused them to be overweight and installed new ones that have now become almost thoughtless daily processes. 

Week one will be the hardest, but as the weeks go on, you will quickly begin to develop a weight maintenance mindset. By the end of the programme, it won't be in your mind at all, weight maintenance habits and behaviours will come naturally to you. Then, once you leave the BodySlims programme, all you have to do is make a few minor modifications, put a bit more food on your plate or have a bit more fun on the weekends, and you can keep going. 

Dare to Dream of Maintainable Weight Loss with BodySlims!

So don’t choose a weight loss plan that lets you go back to normal life once it's over and leaves you with the expectations that things should be different. They won’t be. Choose the BodySlims programme and actually change your life. 

We will get you from 5% of your potential to 85%, but there’s no guarantee you will get to 100% unless you commit to change.  Go into your weight loss journey with the result and the lifestyle change in mind. Become what you’re capable of and sign up for our programme today!

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