Orla Maher


Weight Lost - 52lbs

"Ïf I can do it then anyone can do it"
I used to hate this saying when it came to weight loss journeys, because I always felt I could not do it, and the fact was I couldn't in the past, but all changed when I found BodySlims.
I have always struggled to lose the significant amount of weight that I needed to lose and to keep it off. To date, with BodySlims guiding me, I have lost 52LBs, dropped 4 dress sizes and feel the best I have felt EVER!!
This before photo of me was taken in August 2021, taken by my daughter while on a day out and I was horrified by how I looked, but also by how unfit I was and what message I was sending to my children. In September 2021 I joined Bodyslims. I am currently coming to the end of my 3rd Programme, but I will be back in September to finish my journey, and BodySlims will always be a part of my life.
My favourite part of the programme is the walking, I have always enjoyed walking so I was very encouraged from the start this was different and could work for me. Now nothing stands in my way of a daily walk regardless of holidays or weather.
They say it takes a village, that is so true and I had a lot of support along the way. I had seen my dear pal Sue transform after she completed a BodySlims programme and was blown away not only by her change in shape but the happiness beaming from her. She held my hand along the way, was always there for a walk and a chat and words of praise. My ever supportive and encouraging Mother to offer her wisdom, My Husband always there to say "well done" and my Children looking for the weekly updates every weigh-in day kept me on the straight and narrow.
As the programmes continued my BodySlims squad grew, I was joined by more great pals who have all smashed their own results. I am so proud of all of them.
SO, if you are reading this and thinking of joining, what I say to you is "don't think, just do it". BodySlims is like nothing you have tried before. If you want a change and are prepared to put in the work it will happen, there is no doubt about that.
It has been hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself.
A final thanks has to go to the BodySlims group for creating a zero bullshit, practical and easy to follow programme. Thank you xx
Love Órla Maher❤️

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