male weight loss before and afters

Top Male Weight Loss Before and Afters

Apr 10, 2024, 16:10 PM by Sam Shovlin

Losing weight can be a challenging journey, but we know it's not impossible. At BodySlims, we’ve witnessed how just one person's success can inspire countless others to take the leap and start their journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Knowing this, we’ve compiled a list of just some outstanding before and after transformations from men who not only shed the pounds, but also transformed their mindsets and lives. We encourage you to read their success stories and dare to dream in yourself. So without further ado, let's dive into these incredible male weight loss before and afters!

Riaan Roets: Seeing Success and Betting on Himself

Our first BodySlimmer, Riaan Roets, tried everything to lose weight and finally stumbled onto our website, and the rest is history! 

His story began when he thought to himself, worst-case scenario, he would be out a small bit of money, but seeing others' amazing achievements, it was worth giving it a shot. Fast-forward 10 weeks, and Riaan had to get a full new wardrobe because he dropped three shirt sizes and 4 inches on his trouser size! 

Delighted with BodySlims, Riaan learned that the price of the programme, only €250, was a minuscule price to pay for a healthier, happier and longer life. So, what is your life worth to you? We’d bet it’s a lot more than the programme price too. Be like Riaan, stand up on your own pedestal and become the best you we know you can be!

Paul O’Riordan: Changing Bad Habits and Unlocking Results

Paul O’Riordan was inspired by his good friend to sign up for BodySlims, and he is sharing his journey with you now to show you the life-changing effects!

Paul not only experienced a physical transformation, but he also achieved a mental one. And that’s what makes BodySlims different; each week brings its own new challenges, but at the end of the ten weeks, they won’t feel like a challenge anymore. The changing of behaviours and bad habits left Paul re-vitalised with a newfound self-belief and determination.

It was bad habits that got you to the weight you are, but be like Paul and become the change we know you can be!

Damien Power: Achieving Success On and Off the Scale

Meet Damien, just one of the amazing men who completed the BodySlims programme and embraced our learnings, or ‘invaluable insights’ as he calls them, wholeheartedly. 

Damien particularly took to how the programme emphasises that weight loss isn't easy, but the process can be very simple, you just have to change your mindset. And by changing his mindset with our CT techniques not only did he experience physical victory, but it also gave Damien victories off the scale, helping him change his career path and start his own business!

So, what do you want to achieve? Is it being able to pick up your grandkids? Getting better sleep? Reducing your stress levels? Your non-scale victories are within your grasp with BodySlims. What’s there to lose? Take a chance on us and yourself! 

Paul Connelly: Embracing Community and Driving Success

Next up is Paul Connelly, a BodySlimmer who highly recommends us and is eternally grateful for the unwavering support our community offers! 

And that’s the thing with BodySlims, taking inspiration from the well-known saying: you’ll never walk alone. You’re constantly encouraged by Ger, Carla, the rest of the BodySlims team and hundreds of others who are in the exact same position as you! So, if you’ve tried every other diet, cleanse, or fad trend to lose weight alone, give the BodySlims community a go. You CAN feel great, like yourself again and witness your own before and after with us!

Brian Duffy: Unleashing Success Against All Odds

Never in a million years did Brian Duffy believe he would be seeing  a 45lb before and after of himself!

Brian was truly amazed how the BodySlims programme changes your mindset, rids bad habits, and installs new, good ones bit by bit. We don’t want you walking away from us after ten weeks and reverting back to your old ways as you have done so many times before. That’s why we slowly engrain the principles of weight maintenance in you each week so you can lose weight quickly and actually keep it off. 

Brian won his internal battle, he embraced every detail of our programme, and he got his results. What’s stopping you? 

Robbie Shortall: Embracing Change and Achieving Unrecognisable Results

Last but by no means least is Robbie Shorthall, an incredible man who blew past his dare to dream weight, which, to him, was an unimaginable goal of getting back to double-digit kilos! 

Robbie found that BodySlims was more than just any other weight loss programme. Not only did he love being surrounded by like-minded people, but he could also relate to Ger and how he openly shared his own personal experiences. Motivated by wanting to walk his daughter down the aisle one day, it was the seminars where Ger talked about his own daughter, finding his own ‘why’ and the illness he suffered with that hit so close to home for Robbie.

Robbie says, “For anyone on the fence, genuinely just sign up. It could be the best decision you make for yourself. “ So Robbie was convinced his dream weight was unachievable, completely unattainable, but he kept showing up for himself. He changed his attitude from impossible second to I’M Possible, and so can you! 

It Could Be You If Only You Dare to Dream! 

Are you ready to stand up on your own pedestal like these men and hundreds of others have done before? Well, it’s all about what you do today; don’t worry about what you do tomorrow. And what you can do today is take a chance on yourself and sign up for the BodySlims programme

Remember, you can’t change the game if you’re not on the pitch! 


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