why weight loss programmes make you more likely to succeed

Why Weight Loss Programmes Make You More Likely to Succeed

Nov 30, 2023, 12:36 PM by Sharon Tinkler

Your journey towards successful weight loss can sometimes feel like an endless uphill battle, especially if you've tried various diets and fitness trends without lasting success. But don’t worry - achieving your goals is entirely possible with the right weight loss programme!

Let's delve into why weight loss programmes stand out as your best path to shedding those extra pounds and transforming your life.

Weight Loss Programmes: The Best Way to Lose Weight

Going on a weight loss journey requires building healthy habits that will last a lifetime. There are no quick fixes. Any change you make must be one you can sustain; and a weight loss programme like BodySlims is your guide to making lasting changes, helping you shed those pounds faster than you ever imagined.

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Now let’s answer the big question; why do weight loss programmes make you more likely to succeed?

A Programme Provides Expert Guidance

Embarking on a weight loss journey is like navigating uncharted territory—it's easier with a knowledgeable guide by your side. Picture this: just as you have teachers in school, chefs in the kitchen, or coaches in sport, a weight loss programme benefits immensely from expert guidance.

Now, think of weight loss experts as your personal navigators, offering advice tailored to your unique situation. Their wealth of knowledge, developed through helping thousands of individuals, equips them to understand and overcome the obstacles you might face. Their supervision ensures you adopt weight loss strategies safely, effectively, and for the long haul.

Take Gerard Moran, BodySlims expert and "weight whisperer”. With his dedicated team, Gerard, Europe's top peak performance coach, transforms your weight loss mindset. Imagine him as the guide who not only changes your perspective but also clears the path, making weight loss surprisingly straightforward. And that's what makes BodySlims different, it's not just a programme; it's real experts employing proven methods that guarantee tangible success.

So, as you embark on your journey, remember: having an expert guide isn't just beneficial; it's the compass that leads you to a simpler, healthier you.

A Programme Provides a Structured Approach

Success in long-term weight loss starts with structure. Forget rapid overnight drops on the scale; instead, embrace small, gradual changes. This approach allows you to set clear goals, fostering consistency and routine on your path to success.

BodySlims is the perfect example of a structured programme approach that connects both the body and the mind. Set out over 10 weeks with seminars, weekly support comms, exclusive video content and much more, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed. With this structured approach, you won't even notice the time tick by and the scale drop down!  

A Programme Offers Accountability

As mentioned in every successful weight loss journey, accountability is your secret weapon. Whether through a group or an expert, being held accountable reinforces your commitment and drives your motivation, making it more likely you'll stick to healthy changes.

A Programme Educates You

The right knowledge is crucial for any weight loss plan. After all, many of us have been led astray with wrong information, such as extreme cleanse or fad diets. 

A weight loss programme provides the necessary insights, helping you understand the 'why' behind your actions, fuelling your motivation and keeping you on track.

A Programme is Key to Goal Setting

With a structured approach and expert guidance, setting realistic goals becomes second nature. Attainable goals, on and off the scale, not only motivate but also offer moments of celebration and reasons to be proud of yourself as you surpass milestones on your journey.

A Programme Monitors Progress

Programmes require you to monitor progress, which helps in identifying trends and patterns, breaking the self-sabotage loop. Progress monitoring also offers hard evidence of how far you’ve come, which can continue to push you forward when you need it the most.

A Programme Ensures Social Support

Joining a programme means joining a community. A community can make you feel less alone, provide social and emotional support, and, to emphasise again, provide ample motivation for you to keep going. Remember, if you want to go far, go with many. 

Tips for Successful Weight Loss Within a Programme

Once you've enrolled, keeping motivated is key. But, how can you ensure success? What should you keep in mind? Consider these tips for successful weight loss within a programme:

1. Understand the Power of a Healthy Mind

Developing a strong and healthy mind is the first step toward making impactful behavioural changes. If you’re constantly self-sabotaging and beating yourself up for imperfections, this can lead to increasing setbacks. 

Instead, practise self-compassion. Lead with kindness, for yourself and others. Understand that your mind is often the major hurdle in the way, and once we change our mind, the world is our oyster.

2. Give it Your All

Half measures won't cut it. If you're truly committed, give it your all. Putting in 110% effort in every step of the programme accelerates success, reaffirming your dedication to achieving your goal.

3. Embrace the Supportive Community 

In times of struggle, reach out to your community. Chances are, others have faced similar hurdles. Together, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

4. Follow the Programme Exactly

Avoid the temptation to pick and choose bits of the programme, you’ll only succeed in the long term if you embrace the entire programme holistically. 

For example, the BodySlims weight loss programme was created with only success in mind. Staying in your caloric deficit but skipping daily walks? You might miss out on reaching your goal. Adding high-intensity exercises like jogging or spinning alongside the programme plan? It seems tempting, and you may think it will get you there quicker, but there’s a risk of your body exiting the weight loss zone, slowing or even stopping your progress. Think of it like this: to hit the bullseye, stick to the programme's unique balance. Your path to success lies in staying on course.

5. Stay Positive

Slip-ups are inevitable. When they happen, hop back on the bandwagon. Resist self-doubt and negative self-talk, treating yourself with the same positive advice you'd offer a struggling friend.

6. Don't Give Up 

Mistakes are part of the process. Don't throw in the towel if you don’t reach your dream weight the first time around; try, try and try again.

And that’s the beauty of the BodySlims programme, you can sign up as many times as you like, setting achievable goals each time round. While you can achieve your goals in one go, it’s entirely possible to join multiple times. In fact, many of our greatest success stories are individuals who have done the programme two, three, or even four times over!

  • David O’Rourke lost 168 pounds after two rounds of BodySlims by trusting Gerard, “a man I have never met and never even spoke to has somehow totally turned my world around.”

  • Eiranne Hannan lost 92.5 pounds after three rounds of BodySlims and says that the programme is “head and shoulders above anything out there, [having] done all the major ones many times, [and] they don't come close.”

  • Karen Armstrong lost 81 pounds after four rounds of BodySlims and is extremely grateful to our programme experts, shouting out, ”thanks to Ger and the Bodyslims team, Tara in particular, who has been incredibly supportive.”


BodySlims: The Weight Loss Programme Where You Will Succeed

BodySlims offers a roadmap to long-term success. With a combination of calorie management, daily walking, and online motivational seminars, we’ve helped countless individuals achieve their goals and beyond. 

Sign up for our weight loss programme today!

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