Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this programme for me?
A. Yes if you’re between 18 and eighty. Whether you just want to drop a stone or if you have a larger amount of weight to lose this programme is the perfect launch pad to a new you.

Q. Will I be on a crazy diet?
A. No, we use a calorie controlled plan excluding no food groups.

Q. Do I have to speak about my weight loss in the room?
A. No you can sit back, relax and just listen. Only The Weight Whisperer will speak.

Q. How is this programme different to others?
A. In too many ways to cover fully. Results, fun along the way and the fact that we are with you every step of the way. But mainly the peak performance coaching sessions. They will blow your mind and leave you in no doubt you can get back to exactly the size you want to be.

Q. Will I be hungry?
A. If you eat the correct foods and the right total amount of calories allowed to you, you will be just fine.

Q. Will I be pushed to buy magic pills or potions or any other stuff?
A. No, simply put we don’t have anything to sell and you don’t need anything else.

Q. What special equipment will I need?
A. None. A pair of runners or good walking shoes is advisable.

Q. Do I need an e-mail address?
A. Yes you do but if you don’t have one you can use someone else’s you have access to. Your dietary plan will be sent to you by way of e-mail. We don’t provide hard copy as plans may be different for each individual depending on weigh in results.

Q. I’m a bit of a lost cause, I’ve tried everything, should I give it a try?
A. Absolutely, welcome on board. Be careful of Gerard though, he loves a challenge! He genuinely believes there’s no such thing as a lost cause. An hour with him and you’ll believe it too!

Q, Is there an exercise component?
A. Yes but nothing more than a walk.

Q. Are course places refundable?
A. No, once booked course places are non refundable.

Q. Is it always in the same venue on the same night for ten weeks?
A. That’s the plan yes. If for any unforeseen reason we miss a night we will put it on at the end of the course. Rest assured you will receive your full ten weeks.

Q. I have an underlying medical condition, special dietary requirements, a pre existing injury or illness. Can you do a special plan for me?
A. We take your health and well being seriously and would not attempt to offer medical advice. A consultation with your GP would be our advice.

Q. Should I see my GP before starting?
A. While this programme follows a healthy calorie controlled diet excluding no food groups and the optional exercise component will require nothing more than walking everyone is advised to consult their own GP before embarking on a new health and fitness regime.

Q. I’m under 18 can I come on?
A. No, we’re sorry but those still at a developmental stage have different dietary requirements. We take your health seriously.

Q. I only have a stone or half stone to lose, can I come on the programme?
A. Yes…Absolutely! The best time to control it is now.

Q. I’m pregnant or think I might be, can I join?
A. Well firstly congratulations! But I’m afraid we can’t accept you as you will have different dietary needs.

Q. Will I have to sign anything?
A. Yes, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions Terms and Conditions 

Q. I weigh over 22 stone can I come on the course?
A. Yes. We can weigh anyone up to 28 stone.

Q. Do I have to attend the weekly group walk?
A. No, but if you can we recommend you do.

Q Are your results real or photoshopped?
A. Real. Real people. Real results. Come on Body Slims and you’ll get to meet them for yourself.