your biological age vs your chronological age

Your Biological Age vs Chronological Age

Apr 10, 2024, 16:04 PM by Sean Tinkler

A Proven Medical Measured Technique for Making Yourself Years Younger!


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to age faster than others? Or why some individuals in their 50s have the energy and vitality of someone in their 30s? 

If you haven’t heard the terms ‘chronological age’ or ‘biological age’ before, we’re going to explain them and how we at BodySlims have seen the difference between them in action. So let’s get right into it. 

What is Your Chronological Age? What is Your Biological Age? 

Simply put, your chronological age is the number of years you have been alive. On the other hand, your biological age is the physical condition of your body and its internal processes and how they compare to others of the same chronological age. 

While chronological age is a definitive number that changes every year of life, your biological age can be determined and changed by several factors, such as genetics, sleeping habits, alcohol intake, stress levels, diet, and overall health. 

Where the Biological vs Chronological Age Originated

Now, the biological and chronological age difference came about from decades ago when medical professionals performed procedures and operations. What happened was, when they opened their patients up, they were spotting illnesses that typically only presented in people 10 or 20 years older. 

Curious, these professionals began trying to find the cause of these anomalies, and after years of research, this is what came to light: As we get older, our hearts weaken and stop pumping our blood to our extremities. But it is the blood within our extremities that causes the rejuvenation of our cells, renewing our skin barriers. Therefore, with less pressure, fewer cells rejuvenate, and the ageing process begins to speed up and some people even experience organ degeneration, thus the illnesses. And so the gap between the chronological and biological age begins to widen. 

How Exercise Aids Our Biological Age

The thing is, we never feel ourselves slowing down, but it happens, and it happens slowly. But these medical professionals actually discovered a “cure” - exercise. 

We all know exercise is great for shedding the pounds, but you might be asking, how could exercise possibly reduce our age? Well, what happens when we exercise? Our faces go red, don’t they? That red face is actually the blood rising to the skin’s surface, renewing our cells. And alongside this is an obvious one, when you exercise, you sweat more. Sweat is your body's water in a pressurised system; it’s your body's way of cooling you as it pushes through your skin, cleansing your pores. This is also why all those expensive skin medications and hair treatments don’t work; getting healthier, glowing skin and hair is really an inside job, not an outside one. They are never dealing with the underlying issue, you’re actually doing more good for your skin with the process of rubbing it on as it is bringing your blood to your extremities!

How BodySlims Found the Power of the Chronological Age

Now we understand that the more you exercise, the more blood goes to your extremities and the more you sweat, which in turn, makes you look younger. This means someone who is very fit and does lots of physical activity has made their biological age lower, thus the difference between biological and chronological age through exercise. But Gerard actually stumbled across this difference by accident when putting the BodySlims programme together. 

Chatting with some of the success stories; the women, in particular, kept mentioning things like, “My skin is better, I have a glow I haven't seen in years!” and that their hair was shinier and more voluminous than ever. Wondering why, Gerard discovered the findings mentioned above and realised that the average person coming to BodySlims was actually 10 years older than their chronological age and basically had a flatlining basal metabolic rate. And all these people looking to lose weight had tried all the diets, all the different types of fasting and cleanses. But the one thing they weren’t doing was moving; they weren’t getting their blood pumping and their functional muscles moving. 

Applying the Difference to the BodySlims Programme

So, these illnesses, the low metabolism, and the lack of energy that made these people biologically older were caused by not moving; it was the sedentary lifestyle that was the massive contributor to the ageing process. 

From here, Gerard got back to the basics. He knew moving every day actually did make a difference, but we had to move in a way that could work for everyone. And that’s where walking, a low-impact exercise we were naturally born to do, became central to the programme. But to make it truly effective, Gerard found that you had to walk at a pace that was 60-70% of your max heart rate, so you can get your blood pumping, your sweat cleansing, your metabolism rising, and your cells rejuvenating. 

With all of this in mind, it meant that, in theory, if you want to feel 20 years younger, you have to move at the pace of someone who is that age. But here at BodySlims, we don’t push you to be younger than your chronological age because it takes time to get there; we just encourage you to be excellent for your age group within ten weeks. With us, you can actually have the same biological and chronological age through the principles we teach. This is where the BodySlims NET (No Extra Time) principle shines; the guarantee that there is always more than one benefit to what you're doing. So walk with us to lose weight, but also walk for a younger, healthier, more vibrant you!

Dare to Dream of a Younger, Healthier You with BodySlims!

To recap, we never notice ourselves slowing down; it happens slowly, and reversing it is actually an inside job, not an outside one. At BodySlims, we understand that a healthier, better you is not just about weight loss; you have to materially change the way you feel. 

Join us and the rest of our success stories because the length and quality of your life are far more in your hands than you think. And remember, good health is the greatest resource you have, and it comes at no extra cost, just the price of the BodySlims programme. So sign up today, and you can have weight loss AND more!


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