Affordable Weight Loss Programmes

Affordable Weight Loss Programmes

Mar 28, 2022, 15:21 PM by Sharon Tinkler

Cost-Effective Weight Loss Programmes 

In life, we always have two choices – the easy way or the hard way. The easy way may seem enticing at the beginning, but it may also be deceiving. It could come with a few, hidden consequences down the line. Should you rest and watch the telly for the day or do a physical activity? Should you grab that tasty, chocolate treat off the shelf or that fruit? 

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you must take the long view when it comes to making important decisions in life. This advice is especially crucial when you're dealing with finances and health. People are often deterred by expensive gym memberships, but our affordable weight loss programmes cost less than a cup of coffee a day.


Why You Should Invest in Your Health 

Here are some interesting statistics for you. According to the 2018 Safefood Ireland survey, almost one-fifth of the average weekly food budget is spent on highly processed snacks. These would be the crisps, chocolates, sweets that you consider “rewards” but ultimately betray you. Moreover, a 2019 AIB survey showed that Dublin card users pay around €115.27 a month on restaurant takeaway. This number fails to include cash payments so the real figure can be much higher, especially because this was before the pandemic and before electronic payments became the norm. 

This figure isn’t surprising. Just think about the meal deals of pizza places, which are coming in at €25 plus the delivery. A couple of bottles of wine in a week is €20 minimum and four to five pints in a pub would set you back €20 to €25.  

In the United Kingdom, the average English household squanders £17.60 on alcoholic drinks. And this result is just the median. It could be way, way higher for many people. 

These numbers show that people are willing to shell out money. They’re just not willing to do it on fitness or health for something like an affordable weight loss programme. Unfortunately, many people still believe that short-term rewards are more gratifying than long-term goals. 

But you have to remember that being unhealthy isn’t just a matter of eating junk food or drinking cocktails. According to the National Institutes of Health, poor dietary and lifestyle habits influence disease risk, particularly cardiovascular issues, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Trust us, the cost of maintaining these illnesses is far greater than coughing up a bit more for healthier food and exercise.  

Don’t think about health and fitness as an expense. Rather, consider it an investment in living life to the fullest. Here are some of its returns…


1. You’ll have more to spend!

The benefits of exercise are well-known, but did you know that it is also linked to earning power? A US-based 2012 study in the Journal of Labour Research reveals that regular exercise (at least three hours a week) for either men or women resulted in higher pay. Despite paying an average of $70.23 for gym time, frequent gym-goers said they earned an extra $84.28.  

These results corroborate similar research from the past. For instance, a 2007 paper learned that obese women earned 18% less than those who weren’t. Meanwhile, overweight folks generally earned 25% less family income.

We all know that exercise leads to higher productivity, better cognitive function, and an improved mood. Who doesn’t want all of those in the workplace?


2. Health means more time for the people and things you care about. 

When you take care of your body holistically, you don't get sick often (seriously, some studies demonstrate the correlation of regular physical activity and sick leaves), which leaves you with more resources to do things that matter. 

Being healthy and strong gives you the ability and energy to spend more time with your loved ones, as well as having more time doing your hobbies. Instead of going to the hospital all the time or being limited by what you can do because of preventable illnesses, you can actually do what you like. Investing in an inexpensive weight loss programme can open these doors for you.


3. You’ll save more.

Between instant noodles and baked chicken pie and salad, the former is cheaper. However, the latter will leave you feeling full for a longer period. While you’ve probably heard of the rule that salty food makes you thirstier, according to Science Daily’s article on Salty Diets, it also makes you hungrier! So yes, that fast food value meal may be easier on your budget, but you’ll likely go for seconds! You’ll end up with a bigger belly and a skinnier wallet!

On top of that, having an unhealthy lifestyle and diet may also lead to medical problems, which in turn lead to hospital treatments and expensive medicines – all costly and preventable. 

Being Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive 

We won’t lie and say that exercise is free. It can be, in some ways. Walking around the park doesn’t have to cost a thing. You can look around the internet and you’ll find hacks on using tinned peas as weights. However, all this information out there can make you just more confused. If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, you’ll also run the risk of injury and burnout and you’ll end up no better than when you began. 

With our programmes at BodySlims, you’ll get that much-needed guidance you need. For example, we encourage walking as a form of daily exercise. This plan will have you saving on petrol or commuting fare because we encouraged you to walk and get moving as much as possible. As a bonus, it's better for the environment!

If you think about it, our 10-week weight loss programme is €250. That’s less than €4 a day – cheaper than a cup of coffee from a fancy coffee chain. That’s also €25 per week, which is the same as your weekly takeout or visit to the pub. And our rewards last much longer. 

The difference between BodySlims and other fitness campaigns is our approach. We believe that fitness and health constitute a lifelong journey and are not a one-time goal. We teach our participants to understand not only how the body works but also to strengthen their mindset for this commitment. By investing only €250 on yourself, you’ll find yourself earning more, spending less, and living your best life physically and financially.

Go on and sign up on programmes link. Our April 27th programme is filling up quickly. More and more people are realising there’s so much more to gain than lose when you choose a better, healthier lifestyle. Unless those are excess pounds, of course! 

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