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Failed to follow through your New Year's Resolutions? You're not alone.

Jan 25, 2022, 23:12 PM by Sharon Tinkler

A couple of weeks into the new year, are you still following your New Year’s resolution? We won’t be surprised if you aren’t. Did you know that January 19 is considered “Quitter’s Day,” particularly in fitness circles? Strava, a popular fitness tracker, used its data to conclude that 80% of exercise resolutions made on the app dwindled by the 19th. It’s not your fault. Well, not technically. Your heart may be in the right place, but committing to a grand-scale fitness scheme takes a concerted effort.

Sometimes life happens. You get overwhelmed not just by your New Year’s resolution, but also with other things going on in your life. Here are some of the common reasons people begin to neglect their health and fitness goals.

·         You’re physically and emotionally unprepared for the commitment.

·         You lack focus and tenacity.

·         You got busy

·         You chose your resolution at random.

·         You got lazy.

·         You lost sight of your motivation.

·         You keep cheating on your resolutions which can be rooted to a lack of self-love (link to new piece).  

There are many reasons New Year’s resolutions fail, but just because you had a speed bump doesn’t mean your journey has to stop completely. Don’t give yourself a deadline. Your health should make up your whole life, so it’s never too late. Don’t limit yourself to the start of the year to start over. Here’s how you can keep up your fitness goal, whatever the date is.


How Can You Keep Up Your New Year’s Resolution?

There are many ways to get back on track with your resolutions and goals this year. Here are some of our suggestions. 

Plan to win.

Look at your New Year’s resolution and assess it. Is it as vague as “I want to get in shape” or is it overly specific, with a month-on-month weight goal timeline? Your resolution shouldn’t be decided on a whim. Like any objective, you should have a concrete plan on how you want to fulfill it. 

Think about your duties at work. You’re supposed to accomplish specific KPIs, fight? You break them down into achievable steps until you reach the finish line ­– and even until then, there’s more to do. Fitness and health may not be work, but it is hard work. So, if you have trouble figuring out a way to make your resolutions more achievable, think about how you would tackle it in your job.

Know how to troubleshoot.

Like we mentioned earlier, over-planning can also be a concern. While it’s good that you’re enthusiastic about your New Year’s resolution, you have to be practical. Detailing what you want to achieve by the week or month already shows us that, yes, you’re determined. However, you may be looking at this from an overly idealistic point of view.

You’re human. There will be weeks when you will give in to a cookie or you’ll be tired or you are just not feeling it mentally. Not being able to follow through on your exact plan may dishearten and discourage you. It’s okay to mess up your blueprint. Just know how to pick yourself back up.

Determine what you like. 

There is no one-size-fits-all fitness program. You need to find the one that works for you. And again, you don’t even have to go to the gym. Exercise is only a part of your health. Just because your favourite celebrity is doing yoga doesn’t mean you have to do it too. It’s crucial to find out what physical activity works best for you. This way, you have a better chance of sticking with it.

Think of your health as a whole.

Getting in shape, being healthier isn’t limited to your physical prowess. It takes mental and emotional stamina to stick with your New Year’s resolutions. You must have the psychological strength to want to improve yourself. You need the physical and mental energy to pick yourself day in and out to go for a walk or to eat a bowl of oatmeal. Starting and maintaining a fitness journey can be challenging, which is why you need to put your whole self into it.

Design a lifestyle that can help you stick.

Make it easier for yourself by avoiding triggers that might break you. Instead, create a lifestyle that would support your goals. If you want to drink more water, equip yourself with those water bottles or apps that remind you to hydrate. If you aspire to go on your walk more regularly, set up alarms. If you want to eat better, stock your fridge with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Find workout or walking buddies who will help you become more accountable and motivated. Surround yourself with friends that will encourage your goal toward self-improvement.

Get some rest. 

Many people underestimate the value of sleep. However, the benefits of sleep are numberless. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep recharges your body and mind. It makes you alert, refreshed, and naturally prepared to seize the day. Apart from the obvious rest and recovery, sleeping helps maintain a healthy weight, ward off depression and anxiety, improve reflexes, and enhance cognitive function. Adults usually need seven to eight hours of sleep to reap its health perks. 

If you’re about to step into a healthier lifestyle, you must integrate better sleep. After all, you must have enough energy to uphold your entire lifestyle.

Find an efficient program.

A proper health and fitness program will address all of your procrastination and keep you committed to your goals, whether it’s the new year or not. A proper health and fitness program will train your mind to be as strong as your body so you’re in it for the long-term results and not just for the moment.

BodySlims is a 10-week programme that is your quick gateway to a lifelong pledge towards your well-being. Our main philosophy is to transform your body by adjusting your mindset because you can’t isolate them from each other. And this approach works, just take a look at our many success stories. We have two programmes, including one with a personal coaching feature. We help you monitor your calories, focus your thought process, offer seminars, and even send messages of motivation from our founder Gerard Moran. Our supportive social community is also available for words of encouragement or simply just a conversation with like-minded individuals. 

BodySlims is designed for sustainability. It doesn’t recommend eliminating any food groups. It doesn’t overly push you to do strenuous physical feats. As you know by now, this journey won’t not have any speed bumps. You might fall off the wagon or trip at some point, but BodySlims' programme and mindset will help put you back on track.  Its goal is to set you off to achieving your New Year’s resolution and towards a better life.

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