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Do Women Have a Harder Time Losing Weight Than Men?

Mar 8, 2022, 11:02 AM by Sharon Tinkler

These days, we all understand that gender equality isn’t as it used to be. Women can be stronger, faster, louder. They can lead corporations and excel in sports. Men can be stay-at-home dads and work in fashion. The lines aren’t so clear-cut anymore. However, biology can betray this seeming parity. For example, men’s skin produces more sebum but also more collagen. Women’s skin is prone to lines but is much softer. Another difference? Men also have an easier time losing weight. 


The Biological Distinction


Numerous factors affect weight gain and weight loss. Your genetics and age may be a factor, especially if you are going through menopause. However, your lifestyle may also play a big part.

According to an article by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, women generally have a slower metabolic rate than men. A woman’s body burns fewer calories when going about routine tasks. Moreover, women have a higher body composition – more fat than muscle and thus a higher body mass index. 


What's more, women not only burn less, but they also have an easier time gaining weight! Another study by the UPMC shows that pear and apple body shapes, which are more common in women, are also more prone to obesity. Eliminating fat in the thighs, buttocks, and hips area is not an easy feat. 


The Psychological Disadvantage 


A woman isn’t just imagining things if she believes she’s hungrier after a workout. According to a 2009 study in the American Journal of Physiology, the hungry hormone ghrelin rises after exercise while the full hormone leptin drops. Moreover, that same year, a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that a woman’s appetite is more quickly triggered by the sight and smell of food versus men. 


Another study, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that females were more likely to eat emotionally. Unfortunately, those cravings tend to be centred more on crisps and pastries than broccoli. You’ve never heard of a heartbroken woman binging on celery. 


Women are also more inclined to follow diet and fitness fads that they may not be able to sustain and cause yoyo dieting. 

At BodySlims, we have also observed that one of the biggest advantages men have in weight loss is the fact that most of them haven’t been on weight loss programmes before, so haven’t been influenced by some of the flawed thinking around cheat days, days off, weeks off etc. Unfortunately, many ladies have been subjected to this kind of thinking, leading to a false set of beliefs.


To expound on this concept, think of it this way: going on a diet is like being in a relationship. You wouldn’t keep cheating and expect or hope it would work. But with diets, that’s what so many ladies have been told or believe it’s okay, so the repeated process of going on weight loss programmes has actually become detrimental to women at this stage creating lots of flawed thinking and beliefs. 


Now that you know these biological and psychological differences, you can understand that when a man and a woman go on a date and order the same things, their bodies won’t react the same way. 


So, What Can Women Do to Lose Weight More Efficiently?


A Washington Post article does list one advantage women have over men – a support system. Most women share their issues and struggles. They turn weight loss into a social activity, thus creating a support system. On the other hand, men generally work out by themselves.This presents some advantages. Most men exercise on a clean slate, without preconceived notions about dieting and exercising to distract them from their goals. 


Yes, men and women are built differently, but that doesn’t mean women should just sit down and woe their fate. Women have been known to do incredible things – make groundbreaking discoveries, invent Monopoly, develop the building blocks of WiFi – and that considered, losing weight shouldn’t be a massive ordeal. 


Here are some tips to help you lose weight regardless of your sex or gender.  


Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses


As we said, many different factors affect your weight apart from whether you were born female or male. Check your genetics. Is your family on the heavier side? Do you have any conditions that affect your weight? Do you work the night shift? These are vital details that can help you figure out the root of the problem and come up with an individualised solution. 


Eat a Healthy Diet 


Regardless of your background, eating well plays a significant role in managing your weight. Plus, it’s just good for you. Avoid diets that let you cut off whole food groups – these are hard to maintain and could just set off cravings. Instead, focus on portion control. Avoid eating in excess and we don’t just mean in terms of quantity. Too much salt and too much sugar won’t do your health any favours. Skip the bad stuff like refined carbohydrates and switch to whole grains instead. 


Find a Workout That You Love 


Many people find it easier to skip meals versus committing to a physical regimen. The bad news is that diet and exercise go hand in hand in fitness and in health. Not only does exercise burn off excess calories, but it also helps reboot your metabolism. 

On top of that, there are other benefits that can indirectly affect your weight, such as enhancing your cognitive skills, boosting your productivity, and putting you in a cheery disposition. 


You don’t have to book a gym appointment if you’re not inclined to lift weights. Find something enjoyable for you. Remember you mustn’t see exercise as a chore. Find the workout that fits your preferences and lifestyle best. Even walking 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference. 


Sign Up for a Programme like BodySlims


BodySlims is an intensive 10-week web programme that has a unique and groundbreaking approach to weight loss. Unlike other systems that let you start burning calories, no questions asked, BodySlims understand that how you think and feel is just as important as how much exercise you’re doing. It also explains the mechanics of weight loss so you can get a better grip on your body.


It offers two courses. Both comprise 11 hours of seminars, a calorie-controlled personalised diet plan, support emails, video content, one-minute motivational videos, access to healthy recipes. You also have access to BodySlims online community in case you need advice and know that you’re not alone in your journey. The second programme comes with personal coaching if you want more specialised attention. 


BodySlims reminds you that weight loss – and being fit and healthy in general – is a matter of commitment and motivation. With our programmes, you’ll have those in spades, regardless of your gender - and our success stories prove it. 


Book a place in BodySlims now and start your new journey.

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