Tracey Byrne

Co Mayo

Weight Lost - 56lbs

Just like to thank Gerard, Sharon and all the team. Today, I finished my 10k in 92 mins, bad hip and all. I have struggled with hip dysplasia and bad back for years but hoping this year to bite the bullet and get a new hip. Hardly able to walk after but very happy. 'Victor not Victim' as Gerard said.

So I started my journey with body slims 27January this year after my sister who has also had great success told me and dare I say I am really enjoying it.

My biggest reason for not walking over the last 5 years or more is the fact I cannot use my right hip therefore cannot tie my right shoe and struggle even to put it on. So Covid and working from home has been a blessing in disguise. I can wear my walking gear all day and can take the opportunity to walk at lunch time or whenever I have the time, courtesy of my good husband or one of the kids double knotting the shoe in the morning, so I am ever - ready. My walk has been that bad at times that people have actually stopped their cars and offered me a lift home.... obviously I red face refused telling them it's just the 'ould hip'.

I have been your typical dieter over the years losing the weight for events and finding it all again pretty soon after. Gerard's words are slowly getting through, its what we do continually not spectacularly that is where the problem lies!

I am down over 4 stone and I am nervous throwing out the clothes or even allowing myself to believe I am at this point. It does take the mind along time to catch up and with the hip operation looming and the fact I will be 12 weeks without a proper walk I think I will have to get Gerard to move in with me to keep me on the straight and narrow 😘...... failing that I will be taking the next program so that I can tune into him throughout the day.

Everything he says is so true, I love the fact he tells it like it is, our wiring is completely arse ways! I am truly grateful to all the team and have recommended it to my friends and will continue to recommend Bodyslims.

Thank you

Tracey Byrne

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