Regina Tipps

Damascus, Oregon USA

Weight Lost - 56.8lbs

Hi Gerard,

It’s a pleasure to give my feedback about BodySlims and would be thrilled if I was posted for social media but even more on the testimonials for anyone to read about my personal journey with your program. I believe in it so much and am truly so overjoyed to have found BodySlims. My testimonial really cannot do it justice or the way I feel about it! However, I will give a try because it’s so important to get the word out! You’re doing such wonderful work.

I’m a 46 year old female who is a wife and mother of three teenagers and work full-time.

I will start with I thought I sure knew it all and had a lot of “I think so” and “ know so” about weight loss and fitness. I was not completely wrong but wrong enough that it kept me in a yo yo of up and down. I had been doing CrossFit for 8 plus years and immersed in fitness ideals but I myself was overweight my whole life. Never truly happy with my body weight and had let myself put weight back on by the end of 2022. I was banging my head against the a wall of doing the same thing that was not working. I knew I needed a change but continued using food as my coping strategy. I felt out of control and very aware I was not getting anywhere with what I was doing… I of course had been using food as my comfort and I knew it. Talk about feeling screwed up… when you know the very thing that is making you miserable and continuing in the same behavior. When I was a child I started this behavior and over the years went up and down in weight but never in my life could seem to get anywhere near a healthy BMI. I always used the excuse that I was big boned! I look back now and realize I was in complete denial about myself. I would lose and put back on but never ever had I gotten near a healthy BMI. Last Fall in 2022 I found Carla on YouTube just randomly and that’s where the seed was planted about BodySlims. I let it marinate for a few months because I knew the head stuff was what I needed to address and that’s the main thing that drew me to BodySlims. January 2023 a perfect storm of things had happened to wake me up and I took a leap of faith the week before the January 2023 program as I saw there was only one spot available. I got this moment of clarity and spoke to my husband and signed up. I started the next week not really sure all I had signed up for but knew the basics from Carla.  

From the get go I think I was so scared I would fail and didn’t want to be that person who says they are going to do something and doesn’t do it…. So I made the decision I was ALL in and I’d listen to the Irish man. Gerard, your seminars really reached me and I was able to take off just shy of about 30 pounds using the strategies you provided day by day from January to March.
I was so excited about my progress that I felt I could go it alone for a second cycle. I started another ten weeks in late April and supported my husband and two other close friends who officially signed up and I just continued to do what I knew you taught on my own by tracking my calories, walked everyday and kept on plowing. My husband did fantastic and I was so happy for him and my other two friends weight loss. I did not feel as successful that round but still lost about 13 pounds give or take. I learned for myself in that second experience I was not ready to go it alone. That ended in July and tried to maintain through the remainder of the Summer but was up about 7 pounds.  I felt I needed the extra support to get to my “great goal” and signed up for September 2023. I took off 21 more pounds and ended at about 8 pounds from my “great goal” on my last weigh-in, late November 2023. I have been back and forth about my great goal weight on the scale and am not there but soooo close. My size of clothes currently being anywhere from small to medium/ USA size 6-8 now. I’m so thrilled to be here and weigh 158. My great number on the scale is 150 and I am 5’8 height for reference. I have been back and forth about if seeing that number (150) on the scale is important to me now. My BMI is now in healthy range and that was one of my goals that I have reached and size wise I have reached that as well!

BodySlims has been such a joy to find and wonderful experience. It has been such an incredible influence for me in the way I think now. You really knocked it out of the park with the entire series and it has been literally life changing for me as I know it can be for anyone out there if you let it. It’s important to note we all have to surrender at some point in our lives and just get real with ourself!  By doing that first step it can change so much. BodySlims is an educational and emotional awakening process and I have highly recommended it.

Thank you so much,
Regina Tipps
Damascus, Oregon USA

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