Rachel Cinnsealach


Weight Lost - 50 lbs

Bodyslims is an amazing weight loss programme. It is very different to others. It is a ten week programme. There is a definite time frame in which you will lose weight. Gerard “the weight whisperer” is there with you 100 % of the way. Unlike other programs, he is a motivational speaker, he uses years of research, to motivate people to lose weight.

Everyone knows how to lose weight, you eat less and exercise more, I used other programs in the past and I’d lose weight but it would return because I’d lose the motivation, this programme is different. Gerard continues to motive you through out the ten weeks. Each Monday, having listened to Gerard for an hour I’d leave the hotel feeling inspired. It would set me up for the week. He sets new mini challenges each week to keep you on your toes. The programme does not get stale or monotonous.

A second big part of this, is that Gerard encourages you to get out and walk. Every Sunday we meet on Dun Laoghaire pier, and walk for an hour. This helps with fitness, it also creates a community and gives people the opportunity ask questions to all the team, and it helps with keeping you on track mentally, when you are out walking with a group of like minded people, all of them shedding pounds, there is a lot more to it than just a walk. I seriously couldn’t recommend this programme enough, whether you have a stone or twenty stone to lose, you will achieve your goal with the weight whisperer.

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50 lbs



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