Pidge Doody

Dublin Ireland

Weight Lost - 63 lbs

Hi team I've just finished my 3rd bodyslims more to go (already signed up).

I'm on the slow train...have some ankle and shoulder issues which make exercise a challenge at times and the bigger challenge is my intolerance to many foods including most vegetables and worse still...eggs! But I am working around them as best I can and even managed veg a few times without being too sick so I'll keep trying....but accepted the slow train.

So far I've lost 4 and a half stone so well into the 'good' category ...but believe I can make it to great so as ger says ...we go again!!

My goal this round was to fit into my wedding dress again for my 25th wedding anniversary which was 2 weeks ago ...and it was an amazing feeling! So thank you to Ger and Sharon and all the team because I couldn't have gotten here without you all.

My true passion in life is dancing (and I'm hoping if I can sort the frozen shoulder out a little better I'll get back to it) and clothes.... And the clothes are now fitting me and I can go shopping again and feel the joy. My positivity is amazing and my confidence coming many friends have joined when they saw how happy I am now and they're getting super results it's infectious!

I'm glad it's only 4 weeks to start again....I'll miss Gers voice -but dont tell him that 🙂

I went to lunch with my friend so dressed up ... hubby even did a double take as I left the house while he was working 🙂. That was a good sign! Happy to share the pics

Happy Easter all....and thank you again

Pidge Doody

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63 lbs


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