Noelle Mc Namara

Location - Galway Ireland

Weight Lost - 48lbs

Hi to the Team, Just a note to thank you all for giving me back my life !!!!!
I know you hear this every day but im beyond grateful, no words can express my utter elation and gratitude.
I have "Me' back, the fun energetic, happy Noelle.
Losing weight isn't the best part of this programme as ye all know.
Its the belief that we are worthy of happiness, we don't have to hide our emotions behind food anymore.
I started your programme ( offically) in April. I had started before then just watching videos on you tube in particular Carlas videos.
A nursing colleague told me about this, "BodySlims '
I had tried, Slimming world, weight watchers, unislim, motivation, system 10, slimfast!!!! I know its some list, lol lol.
I ALWAYS put the weight back on. I broke 6 vertabrae(horseriding) in 2017 and piled on weight, lost it but broke my ankle in 2020 again piled weight back on.
My starting weight was 12 stone 12 in 2021!!!!! i now weigh 9 stone!!!!!
I have decided not to go to target as i will look like a scrawny chicken. If you see my profile i will tether around 9 and 8 12!!!! Thats fine for me.
I am at my goal now.
Thank you thank you all again. My motivation is to maintain this and spread the word to All my friends. I really want to give them the GIFT ye , Gerard and Carla gave me.

Noelle Mc Namara

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