Monique Ierardi

Beaverton, United States

Weight Lost - 53lbs

Hi Gerard! Every day when I start my walk, and every evening when my head hits the pillow, I think of all of you and how grateful I am to have found BodySlims. You have helped me transform not just my body, but my life.
Over the years I had told myself so many stories as to why I couldn't lose weight. My OB/GYN told me after my last child was born that I would never be thin again, short of surgery. I had three kids and three C-sections, there was no way I could lose the weight. I didn’t have time to work out or lose weight because when I came home from work I had to take care of my three children, husband, and parents who also lived with me. I'm 53, I'm too old to lose weight. I proved myself right over and over again by losing and gaining back the same five or ten pounds for years.
I signed up in July 2023 for the September program after hearing about it from my dear friend Kristin, my Brian. She had done BodySlims and looked and felt amazing! However, in the beginning of August both my personal and professional worlds fell apart. I told myself that I'd just drop out and not do BodySlims, that it was ok for me to give up before I even started because anyone in my position would quit. I was too depressed, to overwhelmed, too tired, didn't have enough time, didn't know what the future held for me.
By the time September rolled around, I decided I would give BodySlims one day. I'd see what it was all about and then I could say that I tried it before I quit. Well, here I am at the end of my second program, having lost over 53 pounds, and I am a different person. I am so proud of where I am at now. I can't even comprehend the person I was less than a year ago, ready to give up before I even started. Thank you for helping me learn to prioritize myself, to believe in myself, to come through for myself.
With Sincere Gratitude,
Monique Ierardi

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