Monica McMahon

Terenure Dublin

Weight Lost - 26lbs

At the start of the 10 week Programme I wondered how I could manage to hang in there for 10 whole weeks, today I’m sad to be at the end of it! It was so emotional listening to the last Daily Video this morning!

I have done loads of weight-loss programmes before and I was always great for a few weeks but then found reasons to give up! None of them explained that you have to work on your MIND as well as diet and exercise!! I don’t know how you do it Gerard but you put me back in control! You really made me feel the course was just for me and you were my personal coach!! The daily encouragement, the positive whispers, your belief that I could do it!

Talk about ‘Big brother is watching you’.... it felt like you could read my mind! You knew all my weak spots, when I felt like quitting, all my justifications for ‘going easy on myself’, the secret reasons why I told myself I deserved little treats, my excuses not to walk! You seemed to identify each one just as I was about to try it and you said DON’T and explained so clearly that it was my Id, that kept trying to take over! I realised I had to take charge, what was the point of cheating on myself!
I learnt so much in the 10 weeks, my most important take-aways are - that even worse than losing control of my weight, I had lost control of lots of my decisions! I was giving into the ‘easy option’ in so many ways – my Id was taking over and I had to take back that control! The way you explained how putting on weight one week, sets you back two weeks, really hit home with me and I was determined that that would not happen, and it didn’t. The point about health benefits not only doubling at 10% those gained from losing 5% of body weight, but quadrupling, that was SO encouraging! The importance of pausing and remembering that short-term gratification only lasts a couple of minutes and leads to long term disappointment.
My great excuse of ‘the time not being right’ was blown apart by you in week 1 or 2 when you said don’t wait for the right time it’ll never come! You were so right! During the 10 weeks, as it turned out I had  2 long week ends away, 2 weddings and a college reunion! Any of those occasions would have been a good enough reason to give up in the past, but I was gradually taking back control and I was able to enjoy all of them and stay within my calorie allowance.

I lost 26 lbs of my 28 lb target and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! Losing the weight, feeling healthier, looking good and getting compliments are all fantastic but getting back the self-control is an unexpected and powerful bonus!

Thank you so much, it’s obvious that you genuinely care! I heard about you from my cousin Siobhan Hickey and I have already recommended Body Slims to several people.

Monica McMahon
Terenure Dublin 

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