Mike O'Brien

Location - Kilkenny

Weight Lost - 48.5lbs

Delighted with the progress to date, the amount of people who are shocked when they meet me is gas, and when I tell them I’ve lost a little over 2 stone they reply “you look like you’ve lost 4 or 5 stone” !  

I was always the type who would hit the gym treadmill hard and would be starving within a few hours and within a week or two I’d  “treat” myself with a takeaway or chocolate and eventually go back to where I started.

I love the daily morning and night videos there great for keeping me on my toes. The walking has been fantastic, I’ve 3 times the energy now compared to when I started.

Most men like me aren’t great at looking after ourselves with diet and exercise. The testimonials from the other men are a great help for me. I don’t mind sharing my experience at all as it might encourage other young men. However, this is just a stepping stone for me, I’ve dared to dream and don’t plan on slowing down until I hit my goal !

All the best,

Mike O’Brien
Co. Kilkenny

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