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Michael Staveley

Weight Lost - 60 lbs

My name is Michael Staveley From Bray Co. Wicklow. I am 58 years old. My body is not in the best of condition, I have a plate in my neck, I have had 2 partial knee replacements, Left and Right. And last year I was in a car crash in April 2019 and had a Lumbar Discectomy on my back Oct 2019.

In April 2019 I weighed 217 by Jan 2020 I was up to 252pounds and going up. I had done bodyslims before and knew what could be done with a bit of hard work.

The first time I had gone to Bodyslims was 2017. I lost just 28 pounds in the 10 weeks; I could not do the exercises because of my knees, I was going for the replacement of my left at the time. I just stuck to the diet , But even so I lost the 28 pounds and felt good about it. I had great help and support from my good friend Michael Flynn.

Roll on to Jan 2020, I was depressed and very overweight. My Doctor told me to lose weight or my back would not get any better. I was trying and getting nowhere. My friend Mick said that Bodyslims was starting up in at the end of the month and asked would I do it with him (He more told me I was doing it), so I said I would.

It was hard at first, but with the support from all the Bodyslims team and my Friend Mick I started to lose some weight. The walking was hard with my bad back and 2 dodgy knees, but the team kept me going and were always there to help me and support me the whole way through. I especially loved the Sunday Morning walks on Dun Laoghaire Piers with the whole of the Bodyslims team and all the people on the course who help and encouraged each other the whole way along.

My Goal was to lose a bit of weight and help my back. But along the way I found the more I lost the better I felt about myself. The better I slept (without snoring so I’m told) and the more energy I had, which led to longer and better walks. On the January 10-week course I lost 40 Pounds. And that is all thanks the Gerard and his wonderful team. I cannot start to tell you how much they do to make sure you enjoy the experience.

I felt good, but that was all. As Ger said” Dare to Dream” so when Mick said that we should do it again Online in April. We got His brother Fintan and a friend Dave from London to join too. We became the 4 Musketeers.

And I got to Dream all over again. And with that Dream in mind I lost another 20 Pounds. It was not easy, but it was worth every bit of pain and suffering (not much of that really). And with the Help and encouragement from my other 3 Musketeers and Gerard and his team I reach my Goal and my dreams.

Bodyslims has changed my life for the better. And as I said it's not just my weight but my mind and the way I see things, and the belief I have in myself. So.....if I can do it anyone can.

I would Like to Thank Gerard, Oran, Felice (for all the lovely Recipes) And the whole Bodyslims Team for getting me to my Goal.

I would whole heartily recommend this program to anybody who wants to lose any weight , get fit and /or to change the way you see yourself.

And as Gerard keeps telling you “ YOU get to pick how YOU want to feel, GOOD , GREAT or BRILLIANT ”
and I picked BRILLIANT

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60 lbs

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