Marie Burke

IT QA Manager

Weight Lost - 65lbs

I'm Marie Burke living in Blanchardstown and I'm a IT QA Manager weight lost.. 65 lbs or four and a half stone Im down from a size 16/18 to a size 10 Bodyslims is an amazing 10 week programme. Its main focus is on weight loss but I got so so much more than that! Along with changing my weight and shape, its change my mind with new perspective on things! "Talks and walks" are the way I like to think of it!

There are no magic pills, potions or anything like that, there is NOTHING extra to buy in any form ... Okay slight lie I lost 4 and half stone so I had to buy a whole new wardrobe!! :-)

Lucky I love to shop! As there are no food restrictions on this course, I figured out my favourite foods, got googling for the healthy versions of them… it’s all possible! Gerard tells you dare to dream!! And I did dream, not sure if I could get there but I trusted Gerard and did exactly what he said! I got there but it exceeded any dream I imagined! I honestly didn't know how good this could be!! I was sitting in my sister’s living room recently; she has two children, a toddler and baby... when it suddenly dawned on her that I had lost more than their weight combined! Now the baby

I can walk about with, she's about 12 pounds; even then I get tired after a while. The toddler is about 3 stone and while I can carry him... it's not easy at all for any length of time. So having lost more than that, it's no wonder I spring off the couch instead of sliding to the edge and getting up like someone whose 90 years! There are lots of little things like that, just everyday things are much easier when you are the size you’re meant to be! And then there is the red dress I saw when browsing around the shop!

I pick up the size that previously I joked would only fit my arm! I go to the dressing room and it glides on, level a million happiness! :-) I'm so grateful that when BODYSLIMS popped up on my Facebook feed, that I took the opportunity to make my life better!! It’s life changing and I don’t say that lightly…. It truly is!.

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