Liz Grehan

Arklow Ireland

Weight Lost - 67 lbs

Hi Ger, Sharon and team, I just want to thank you so much for keeping me going these last 6 months.

I knew for a long time I had to do something about my weight. My mother used to say to me often “Elizabeth, you're going to have to do something about your weight!”
Nothing that I didn’t know myself but I had gotten so unfit and heavy I dreaded the thought of starting to exercise.

My sister began a new job in Tullamore hospital in Nov 22. Over Christmas she mentioned that the girls there were all talking about BodySlims, they were full of praise for it. I looked it up, I’d never heard of it before and put it off and looked it up again. I watched the number of open places reducing over the first few days that I returned to work in the new year. On Jan 5th 2023 I booked my place to start on Jan 18th. I told my mother that evening and she was absolutely delighted.
The very next evening, Jan 6th, my mother passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. We were all devastated. She’d been the centre of our lives, a constant support and so very loving.

The next week was very difficult, I honestly don’t know how we got through it. Jan 18th loomed and I thought everyday will I do it or not do it. On Jan 18th I knew that I had to do something, it might as well be BodySlims. I really wasn’t sure I’d see it through.
The first night I walked about 20-25 mins and I thought I was going to get sick at the foot of the stairs when I got home! Gradually though I walked a little bit more and at the end of the first week I’d lost 8lbs!
I’d go out in the cold winter evenings wrapped up with my face hidden in the darkness and wearing a flat cap, hiding. I didn’t want to meet anyone just in case they spoke to me or asked me how I was. I dread to think if I hadn’t started BodySlims what condition I’d be in now. I doubt I’d have got up off the couch at all. I’d have hidden away. It gave me a reason to go.

Fast forward now to the end of my second course, I lost 37lbs on the first one, behaved over the 3 week break and now I hope to hit my dare to dream weight tomorrow, losing 67lbs in total.
I hated photos of myself but the first was taken before Christmas 2022. The last was taken this Monday Jul 3rd in Kildare Village treating myself to new clothes. Thank you!

Liz Grehan

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67 lbs


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