Lana Zemeski

Drogheda Ireland

Weight Lost - 59.6lbs

Hi Ger, I can’t believe how emotional I got when you emailed me with my combined total weight loss, I literally cried, 60lbs weight loss!! I am so very grateful to my friends who told me about BodySlims. I didn’t understand what BodySlims was, didn’t know who you were and I wasn’t worried nor was I nervous to start and based on my friends 2 stone weight loss in 10 weeks, I thought….
What have I got to lose?
I had given up, I knew that I had tried diet after diet. I had tried everything and my diet was already pretty healthy, I just couldn’t lose weight.
I signed up April 2023 at 209lbs and by the first week weigh in, I had lost weight! I could believe it!! I knew then, with your help I could do this. I totally surrendered to win!!
I did what you told me to do, when you told me to do it. I took on every challenge you threw at me and when the 10 weeks were finished, I was nearly 2 stone lighter and I was delighted!!
My weight, my shape, my health, my energy all improved. Of course, there was no hesitation to sign up for September at 188lbs and by Christmas, I was 168lbs. I felt good (not great) and my mind still hadn’t caught up with my new weight but I knew I wasn’t finished… I still wanted to reach my goal. So I signed up for January 2024 at 168lbs…I nearly didn’t…but your last seminar before Christmas hit me like a brick, I hadn’t reached my goal and I’m not a quitter. You said not to stop short of my goal, so I kept applying your instructions and streamed you to my tv for every Wednesday seminar and took notes. I am now 149lbs. I have gained a whole new perspective on life and I am eternally grateful to you and your wonderful team!!
With the deepest gratitude
Lana Zemeski
54 years old

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