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Isobel Rice

Weight Lost - 28 lbs

Just want to thank you all for taking me on an amazing journey of self discovery and self discipline, I miss you already !!

Ive been losing weight since I was about 18 and unfortunately I would find it again because I really believe I have an addiction to food, especially the wrong food. My heaviest weight was 15 and a half stone I lost it and kept my weight off for about 13 years as I was standing in as a leader in a weight loss company and monthly weigh ins kept me on track.

Then I left and was grand for the first year then I slowly started building on the extension brick by brick add a marriage breakup into the mix and stress made me comfort eat.

I had looked around trying to find someone that would light my fire and motivate me to start again before the extension became any bigger.
I went for dinner with Ann Mc Hugh we were meeting Paula Gilbert and I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked!
She told us about BodySlims and the Amazing weight whisperer and the way he stays in your head.

I have finally found someone who motivates me and makes me believe in myself again. Thank you Gérard, 2 stone down in 10 weeks, I can fit into my jeans again, I feel sooo good ...for the price of a cup of coffee a day!!

lm excited about life again and believe me money couldn't buy this feeling. My son got married during last lockdown I struggled to find something to wear I was in a size 16 and felt so frumpy and unattractive.

Now I feel sexy and years younger, I’m sea swimming most days and walking has become something I’ve come to love.

I’m signed up for next course because I want to lose another stone. I am looking forward to working with u guys again.

Thanks for the most amazing adventure

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28 lbs

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