Helen Henry

Auditor - Inchicore, Dublin

Weight Lost - 60lbs

Having been on and off diets since I was 13 years old (with varying degrees of failure) it suffices to say this was not my first weight-loss rodeo. However, what I did not realise before embarking on Bodyslims is that other weight loss programmes are actually weight maintenance programmes and the ensuing down weight one week/up the next is physically and mentally exhausting.  I have been reluctant to write this testimonial until now (completed my second programme in March 2019) as I have never successfully sustained weight loss for this length of time in the past and I was no less suspicious that this might be the case after my Bodyslims journey ended. Weight maintenance is another challenge but Bodyslims will have given you the self-belief and discipline to cope with this challenge and in-turn, other life challenges, because you have ‘dared to dream’ and your super ego is lit! Gerard instils in you the premise that habits matter – we are what we repeatedly do - manage your moments and manage your days and the rest will take care of itself - he is a living example of this, and while I continue to work on re-programming my attitude to food I now realise there are no restrictions in weight maintenance, just boundaries around excess food and negative thinking. 

Best piece of advice - surrender to win. It took me a while to understand what Gerard meant by this but instead of imposing your own will on the programme or trying to figure out ways of adjusting it to suit yourself (as we are conditioned to do) – just DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO WHEN HE TELLS YOU TO DO IT and you WILL get the results – it’s as simple as that. TRUST in the programme. It’s only 10 weeks – you CAN do this and the time really does fly by. I can honestly say it is genuinely not that difficult, especially when the outcome is so transformational.in

Huge thank you to Gerard, Sharon, Sean and all the team for your support, encouragement and this life-changing experience. The energy you bring each week is palpable – you can feel it as soon as you walk into the room!

Gerard said his intention is to make this the best weight-loss programme in the world and I firmly believe he has done that. So like the person who recommended Bodyslims to me said – just do it, just sign up – you WILL thank yourself for it.

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