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Geraldine O’Neill

Weight Lost - 42 lbs

The photo of me in the dress was taken shortly after I returned from visiting my daughter in India. It was a wake up call.

Luckily for me, I met a friend who had just completed a BodySlims programme and she looked amazing. We had done the rounds together of various commercial weight loss programmes doing exactly as Gerard said, down 2 up 1, deluding ourselves on our :"Cheat Days"

Of course I asked her what the secret to her weight loss was, what did she have to give up? Alcohol for 10 weeks, a big ask! Walk for an hour once a day, Just do it she said. And I did. For the price of a daily cup of coffee I embarked on one of the best journey's of my life.

Under the" No Holds Barred" dictatorship of Gerard, week on week, my weight steadily decreased. Energy levels increased, walking got a little bit easier and a little bit faster.

I think it was at the six week mark that people began to notice. Even my own family could not get over the transformation, not just in my physical shape but in my energy and my mood. I was buzzing.

I have now completed three programmes and have lost a total of 42lbs. There is a little wriggle room to put on a lb or two but let your clothes be your guide. If the waist gets tight then not another bite!

BodySlims is more than weight loss. It deals with the negativity that can destroy your self esteem and your self belief.

Gerard turns that all on its head and empowers you to believe in yourself, not to give up on yourself, because he doesn't give up on you.

Do this for yourself, no-one else, because you are worth it.
Believe me when I say this: IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU.

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42 lbs