Elaine Willoughby


Weight Lost - 77lbs

My name is Elaine Willoughby and I'm from Loughlinstown. I started my bodyslims journey in January 2017 and have lost 5.5 stone. When I first started the course I thought if I could lose a couple of stone that would be great.

Well I lost that couple of stone but soon realised I need to lose more and no better man than Gerard Moran to drive me in the right direction. "Workers are winners, losers make excuses." The plan is simple, eat less move more. We have all heard it before, implementing it not so easy till you meet Gerard and start doing what he tells you to do when he tells you and how he tells. Put simply you do it his way!

Everyone has a different journey on Bodyslims. I carried weight all my life so I didn't have a blueprint of where I wanted to get back to. Change blindness is something Gerard talks about and something I can relate to. I remember when I had lost 3 stone feeling like I was at my heaviest.

Bizarre I know but it shows how powerful the mind is and that's the thing about Bodyslims they address all these mind issues. I have done 5 courses now and each time I have taken something new away from it. Walking is a big part of the programme. It is my "hour of power" and without a shadow of a doubt become such a positive in my life. There are days when I wish I didn't have to go to work and just keep walking.

Many people that have asked me about the programme fear the walking or worry about doing the Sunday walk and being slow. The walk is structured in a way that there is no such thing as being last!! It doesn't matter how far you go or what speed you do the most important thing is that you are there and you walk for an hour.

When I first started I was slow. Those days are gone. This June I did my pb bodyslims walk, hoped on a dart and then did the women's mini marathon. I wish I had a video of my early walks to show people now. Walking is time I now spend reflecting on how far I have come, sometimes I get a little emotional but they are tears of joy:) I'm in a real good place now mentally and physically thanks to Bodyslims. I get a real buzz when I'm hanging the washing on the line looking at my jeans and thinking OMG I fit into them. It's been worth every penny.

In January this year my brother started the programme and has lost a whopping 5 stone. It meant a lot to me to get him on board. It's been great watching his transformation. It's not just about the waist line. He is much happier, less stressed and has a lot more pep in his step. It goes without saying that I owe Gerard, Sharon and all the Bodyslims team a huge thanks for everything.

Throughout the courses I have got chatting and heard stories from people who have been so inspiring and extremely encouraging so a big thank you to all of you too. You are all Brilliant xx

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