Elaine Gaughran

Location - Maynooth Ireland

Weight Lost - 83.33lbs

So I have done it, I reached my dare to dream Goal. I was emotional and almost disbelieving when I stepped on the scales this morning. The last time I could have said I do not want to be any smaller is about 22 years ago and a short period 17 years ago before I got my first car and the excersise dropped and weight rose. I am lighter than my wedding day and my BMI is a lovely healthy 23.

I have been overweight most of my adult life. And once or twice I got there or close briefly. But this is different. I have changed I didn't just lose weight I changed my life. I now enjoy activity over TV. I choose to have my EMPTY calories when they mean the most, an occasions, drinks with friends, lunch out with the kids. I don't eat too much everyday. When there is nothing to do a healthy day is a pleasure. Balance! I never truly understood it before.

I am on my 3rd bodyslims program. The start picture is from my sisters wedding the heaviest I have ever been..the trouble I had finding a dress the misery I hid while doing so. But it was a lovely day and I don't look on it negatively it marks the start of a journey. It was Dec 2020 and I promised myself I'd change. From Jan I worked hard on my myself I lost a good bit but slowly, I calorie counted and marched on a mini trampoline but as soon as things from the pandemic opened up during the summer all went to pot. Another failed attempt...I had lost count of failed attempts but now it was getting serious. I promised myself I'd be sorted by 40...then I turned 40..
My mum died at 44 (i am now 42), it hung over me like a deadline. I need to be alive for my kids. I need to outlive that age and be healthy but I had lost faith in myself. It was just blind luck that bar foot pain I had so far escaped medical complications.

Then my friend Marie told me about this thing her friend was doing called bodyslims and she looked amazing. I looked into it, I read the testimonials, saw it was Irish, noticed it had limited numbers and set staff and thought "this looks legit" and different! I signed up that day and my friend Marie shortly did too. I had to get the whole way through Christmas to the 21st of Jan before it started but I wanted to give myself the best start so I did lose a little before the program and started at 202lb. After 2 weeks I believed in myself again. Maybe I can actually do this, go the whole way, dare to dream! After the first program I felt amazing. I enjoyed my night out and told so many people about my journey but still had a long way to go. It was a short break from Jan prog to April one so I did a halfway between maintenance and loss. And started back in April a tiny bit lighter. The second program was the most drastic change, I recall at one point going into river island picking up 3 dresses and them all fitting...I was in such shock that I bought them all on the spot. After the second Prog my friend Marie had achieved her goal and was an inspiration, but I had also inspired others and many more people joined the 3rd prog with me. Between prog 2 and 3 I needed a break it was 2.5 months over the summer. Could I maintain but still enjoy my summer? I did just that! I lived a normal life. I now have faith that I know how to do it. Now 7 weeks into the 3rd prob I have reached my dare to dream Goal. I have my red dress which I will wear at a wedding on the 25th of November bookending my journey from one wedding to the next.

What stood out? Empty calories.. you can have them but at a price they need to be worked off. So pick what you value don't waste them on everything. The key to maintenance.

Get your joy from a nice walk, a massage, a bubble bath, buying nice clothes not just eating. It lasts longer and doesn't come with guilt.

Confidence: my inability to control my weight had influenced every aspect of my life. My new found confidence in myself is now improving my career, inspiring my children and husband. At the beginning Ger said you need to make this time for yourself at the end you will be a better person for others and he was 100% right.

I will end on a thank you...for giving me happiness, confidence, faith in myself and my life back. Truly this has been a life changing year.

Feel free to use this on Facebook or on your website. I would be honoured.

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