Cait Galvin

Bray, Ireland

Weight Lost - 48lbs


This is the effect the BodySlims weight-loss programme has had on me. It has positively impacted on my physical, mental and psychological well-being. Here are the facts: 1) I’ve lost 46 lbs, which is 25% of my start weight; 2) I’ve dropped my BMI from 32 to 24, which is the healthy range for my height; and 3) I could barely walk at the start of the programme due to the pain of moderate osteoarthritis in both knees, and now I walk faster and barely any pain (like Gerard, I have good days and bad days!). Despite joining many weight-loss clubs over the years, I am lighter and healthier now than I have been for over 30 years! That is some achievement, and all thanks to the BodySlims programme. My friend, M, recommended BodySlims to me and we both started the January 2022 programme, and proceeded to the second programme in April 2022 to achieve our respective goals. I have never looked back! Gerard says the concept is simple but it is not easy: “eat less and walk more”. Honestly, I have to say that I never found the programme difficult as the constant daily support and motivation I got from Gerard and his team is phenomenal.

BodySlims is an holistic, structured, all-encompassing, multimodal, immersive weight-loss programme that is unbelievably supportive, and ensures that sticking to the programme and losing weight are always to the foremost of your mind during the 10 weeks. I cannot recommend BodySlims highly enough! So, dare to dream and go for it, as you have absolutely nothing to lose and so very much to gain. A bit of advice though. Shed any preconceived ideas you have about weight loss. If you know best, then why are you in the position you are now. Listen very carefully to everything Gerard says, and give the programme your full attention. Do what he says when he says it. Most importantly, enjoy all the attention you get from Gerard and his team, and also from the people around you who start seeing the new you.

Cait Galvin

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