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Brendan Bailey

Weight Lost - 96 lbs

My name is Brendan Bailey I am 53 years old and work  as a Regional Manager for a Parcel Distribution Company.( the Red one ). By Jan 2020 I had reached the heaviest I'd ever been and was unable to enjoy simple things.  Even the smallest task was a major effort and exhausting.  My health was starting to suffer, I was on blood pressure tablets for the first time in my life.  My back, shoulders and knees hurt.


I had my "shit" story  (as Gerard calls it) of big bones and I used to do a lot of weight lifting and my knee surgery kept me from doing any form of exercise.  My wife mentioned she saw a friend of hers on facebook who had lost some weight with Bodyslims and asked me to look at it. Naturally I said "ok, what;s the gimmick, what protein bars/soups/treats/shakes do we have to buy?", as I had tried most of what was out there.    Then the simple normal everyday food and walk 1 hour everyday sounded doable.


On My first walk I was puffing like a runaway train and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest, but my wife and I persevered. Two programmes later and I am down 96 pounds and still dropping..  Gerard has a way of getting into your head and he becomes your conscience and helps you make the right choices regarding what to eat and to go that extra step.  The fact that there is always a motivational video available at any given time day or night is brilliant.  I was a doubting Thomas for a while.  I said if I lost 2 or 3 stone then I will accept it works, then I said 5 stone.  I am now 2 pounds off 7 stone.  Last year in September I needed xxxxl shirts for holidays in Marks and Spencers, today I bought size "L" ! My waist went from 50" to now 36" heading for 34".  I still have another 2 stone to go but with everything Gerard has passed on to us in his persuasive manner I know I can get there.


Thanks to Gerard, Oran, Felice, Sean and all the team behind the scenes for their continuing support and encouragement. 


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96 lbs

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