Bernie Coghlan

Longford, Ireland

Weight Lost - 61lbs

My Bodyslims journey began during Christmas 2022 when I met a family member who was looking amazing after completing the September 2022 program. She is my Biran the Bull. I had never heard of Bodyslims so I looked it up and on December 28th 2022 I made the best decision I have ever made for myself which was I signed up to the January program. I have been overweight for the last 20 years and never really got a handle on it, despite trying numerous weight loss plans and exercise plans, they never stuck...or rather I never stuck to them. I never exercised other than a few failed attempts in a gym and I would circle the car park to park closer to the door...Yes, I was one of those. I hated cooking and, in my mind, it was a necessary evil.  Bodyslims clicked for me and Ger with his straight talking and calling out the shitty story really got into my head. All those shitty stories, it was like he was describing me. I loved his directness, and this made me take accountability for my weight for the first time in my life. I was not overweight because I had 3 children, or because I was busy, or stressed or didn't have time. I was overweight because I made poor diet choices and didn't exercise and didn't live a healthy lifestyle consistently. I had not made time for my health. When Ger said to make time for health or get ready to make time for illness that really stuck. I was on Bodyslims 100%. My initial goal was to lose 2 stone and I did on the first program in January. I felt amazing but realised I wasn't done. There was another 2 stone to go. When I began this journey, I never thought I needed to lose over 4 stone, but there it was. A healthy weight for my age and height.  Ger's words stuck... Dare to Dream, what if you could be the same size and shape you were when you were 20. I was always a slim build until I hit my mid-twenties so I thought ok, I could do that again. I then decided to sign up for April and lose another 2 stone which I did. I was now 4 stone down with just 5 lbs to go to my dare to dream weight. I then signed up for the September program. I knew I could lose the last few pounds on my own but to be honest I loved the program and the daily check ins and weekly seminars and wasn't ready to give it up. I used the September program to bring me home to great as Ger would say and to start my maintenance journey.

I have lost a total of 63lbs, or 4.5 Stone or 28.5kg which is something I never thought possible. I was a size 16 - 18 and now wear size 8 - 10. The pure joy of being able to buy clothes that I like and not just because they fit or hide me is a feeling I cannot describe. I am loving my new wardrobe! As amazing as that is for me, those are just numbers. In real terms of what this program has given me, the weight loss is only one part.

Bodyslims has allowed me to regain my old self. I spent 20 years unhappy with how I looked. That meant avoiding social situations because nothing looked right on me and avoiding mirrors. The thing that made me sad was when I went to look for a before photo of myself. There are literally no pictures of me on my own where I am not hiding behind one of the kids or squeezed in between 2 people or photos of only me from the shoulders up. I realised when looking for a before photo to use that I have missed out on being part of family photos for my kids for 12 years. There are so few of me.

The improvement in my mental health has been life changing. I have a pep in my step...and there are a lot of steps. The walking has been so good. I was never a walker. The first week of walking in January was tough, but I had committed to give 100% and I did. By week 2 it was a little easier and by week 3 I was looking forward to my walks. I love walking now and never expected it would be something I would want to keep up after I finished what I first believed would be a 10-week program.

I began to realise halfway through my first round that Bodyslims is not a diet or a plan but a way of life. The impact it has had for me has been incredible but also for the whole family. We are all healthier for it. I have fallen in love with cooking and eating good healthy food.

I have recommended Bodyslims to friends and many of them signed up in April & September last year and some now on the January 2024 program. All have seen amazing results too. I had to stop myself signing up again for January. I have been maintaining now since November and even over Christmas I put on the inevitable few pounds but lost them again in January. Even though I don't need it for weight loss I really miss the check ins and the seminars. I will sign up again for April or September purely for the mental health check in. Not only does this program work to lose weight but it sets you up to maintain that weight loss with minimal effort. It really teaches you about food and your relationship with it. It helps you change habits and behaviours, and your mindset is transformed. Ger's words are in my head all the time and those seminars stay with you. I am so grateful I found this program and just wish I had found it 20 years ago.

Thank you, Ger, for your wise words, your direct approach and the kick in the arse I needed so badly. I dared to dream, and that dream is now a reality. I am the same size I was when I was 17. I have a dress in the attic I wore for a family occasion 27 years ago and it fits me again !!  I can't tell you how much I laughed the night I tried it on. The best feeling in the world.  It is no longer in the attic but hanging proudly in my wardrobe.

Ger, you and the Bodyslims team have helped me to change the course of my life in the most positive ways and I will be eternally grateful.

To anyone considering trying this program. I would say if there were one gift you give yourself this should be it. It is the gift that keeps on giving, but only if you surrender to win, trust Ger and trust the process. Sign up and more importantly turn up for yourself every day. Do what he says when he says it and the results will be there for the taking.

Your future self is waiting at the end of this journey to thank you

With gratitude,

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