Barbara Joyce


Weight Lost - 56lbs

Just a quick word on how I am getting on in my new life - in March 2016 - we as a family decided to climb Bray Head on St. Patricks day. There were 36 of us and I was the last one up the hill. Struggling to breath and in pain.

This year in July 2018 I went to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Not to sit in the sunshine and read my books but to walk the hills and mountains around the Amalfi coast. I walked over the crest of Mount Vesuvius - two years ago I would have shaken in my boots if someone had asked me to climb a volcano or mountain.

To top it all off I went to see the blue grotto on Capri - this involved getting into a small boat and laying down in the boat while it was maneuverer into a small cave. xxxxx

It was a magnificent sight to behold and again two years ago I would not have gotten into the small boat because I was too embarrassed that when I stepped into it the boat it would sink. By losing the weight by calorie counting and walking my life has improved beyond my wildest dreams.

The things I put off doing before because of my size no longer exist, before I would have said "I am afraid of heights" - "I am afraid of Water" . These were just excuses because I was afraid my weight would cause the boat to sink etc.

This programme and Ger's weekly seminars are absolutely brilliant and if followed correctly and diligently it will work wonderfully for you. Don't let yourself down by joining the programme and then not following the weekly guidelines. Look at other people's results, read what they have said, they are enjoying the benefits of losing weight and been healthy. Forever grateful to Ger and his wonderful team. Barbara Joyce

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