Anne Johnson

Derby UK

Weight Lost - 39 lbs

I have always had a difficult relationship with food but it was only after the birth of my son in 2011 that I put on a significant amount of weigh.

I spent years yoyo dieting with a lot of negative self-talk to top it off. I always said "when I lose weight", "I will start Monday", "I'm going to doing this plan". Each attempt failed with the same excuses, as they always did.

I knew I needed something different and that I needed to approach my weight loss and my health differently. After years of hating myself, why not try loving myself? I spent some time doing inner self work and getting out of the "diet" mindset I'd been sold for years. I was finally ready, this year to tackle the weight properly and lost 7lbs on my own but i needed more support to break my habits! BodySlims has truly been the best thing I have ever done. It's been an incredible 10 weeks and has honestly changed my life. I am going for "great" so I am continuing my journey and may yet do another round!

When Gerard says "the first weight you lose in BodySlims is the monkey off your back" it's so true. I now truly believe I can achieve anything I want to. I was the one that held myself back for years: I will no longer stand in my own way!

On dress up night I had a cheeky morning weigh and I have lost 39lb in just over 10 weeks bring my total to 46lbs this year (so far).

Thank you is not big enough to express the gratitude I feel but to Gerard and all the team at BodySlims THANKYOU!

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39 lbs


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